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Global Art Agency and Barcelona Showcase Review

Dear art lovers,

Barcelona Showcase

Hope that you are all well! It has been 3 weeks since the success of Barcelona Showcase, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since for Barcelona Showcase organiser ‘Natal Vallve’, his team and the exhibitors that participated. Speaking to contemporary painting artist ‘Bali Sangha’ that exhibited at Barcelona Showcase she says: “Showcasing my Art at Barcelona Showcase in Gaudi’s Casa Batllo was a wealth of great experience for myself. I met Artists of different walks of life, the organisers and art buyers. Since coming back from my trip, I have received emails from potential corporate clients as well as private clients who also purchased my limited edition prints. Barcelona Showcase was a fabulous and great event which I really enjoyed.”

Artist Bali Sangha and Barcelona Showcase organiser Natal

Natal and Barcelona Showcase organisers worked months to create this successful event, needless to say that blood, sweat and tears have gone into every little detail making sure that each artist and each visitor felt looked after. Natal says: “First and foremost I like to thank all artists, and say sorry that I wasn’t able to thank all of the great exhibitors in personal. It’s been a tough road to organise the event, but I loved every minute of it. It was great to see all the talent showcased in one of Barcelona’s most magical buildings. Every single artist part of the showcase made us feel proud to be in this business. My colleague often says ‘the artists are the stars of the show’ and I couldn’t agree more, each one of them shined and the positive vibe resulted into a great atmosphere which the visitors enjoyed very much.”

The exhibition started early after an enjoyable network pre-party at the fabulous Mirabe, overlooking the beautiful city of Barcelona. The delicious cava was not cheap ūüėČ however the view and atmosphere was worth a million dollars and meeting all other great artists at the pre-party was a delightful treat. The day itself flew by and the cava reception was visited by a crowded audience, all wanting to be there for the Best Barcelona Showcase Artist Ceremony. Which was won by, Nini Martini, Ellen Stapletone and Jessica Manley.

Great entrance to Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

Nini Martini says: “Winning the award is a big pleasure to me and it makes me very, very happy!” She goes on to say: “My experience showcasing at Casa Batllo was great! I was excited to come to Barcelona and to have the opportunity to be part of the showcase at the amazing Gaudi building. Barcelona Showcase team are wonderful, very lovely people and organisation was perfect. Thank u for everything and looking forward to work with you again and being back in Barcelona soon.”

All feedback sounds great! However there was some confusion too that we would like to clarify: Global Art Agency are not the organiser of Barcelona Showcase, Natal Vallve is the proud founder of Barcelona Showcase, and has joined forces with other Art professionals to set-up Global Art Agency Limited, a UK based organisation. With a team of experienced and qualified international art professionals of art event organisers, gallery owners, curators and high profile artists we are a strong team that organise Showcases around the globe at spectacular venues in great art cities. Each one of us has a unique skill and talent in which we combine all our experience and knowledge and are aiming to be the greatest showcase event organiser out there. Who look after our artists and visitors, presenting great talent in the most amazing buildings with great ambiance, our first showcase as Global Art Agency will be held on Saturday 1st December, 2012 at De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam Showcase!

Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

We are a friendly bunch of people that are approachable and trustworthy. We love what we do and making new art friends who are on the same level as us, you will see that we will bend over backwards for you to ensure we deliver the best possible experience. We understand the meaning of art, being creative expressing your passion onto a medium with the intention to share it with a fellow art lover that can feel the same emotion, understand the technique (maybe not always) but appreciating the time and effort that have gone into every unique piece. Every piece has a story to tell, it’s a reflection of the talented creative minds that we embrace, and so we are here for you all Рartists, galleries, art collectors and art enthusiasts.

So who is involved with Global Art Agency and Amsterdam Showcase?
Natal Vallve – Director
Joelle Dinnage – Director
Elena Vera Solodovnikova – Project Assistant & Curator
Pia Vang – Art Consultant
Kieran Stiles – Independent Curator
Gareth R. D. – GAA Gallery Sales Manager
Showcase Assisting Staff – An Art qualified team of six, that will assist us throughout the event.

Amsterdam Showcase.
We are looking forward to Amsterdam Showcase and are currently reviewing exhibitors applications. If you would like to take part as an Artist or Gallery, please apply here. If you would like to visit the event and like to attend the VIP Champagne Reception Private View, please email us for reservations or buy your tickets online.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us, or call Joelle Dinnage on +447825443925 we are more than happy to assist you!

Stay in touch!
Warmest wishes,
GAA Team

Barcelona Showcase Feedback And Barcelona Showcase Reviews by the stars of the shows

“Barcelona Showcase was such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to exhibit in Amsterdam in December, thank you so much!-Jessica Manley, Award-winning artist.

“Fantastic location and great opportunity to meet fellow artists and art lovers from all over the world”-Julia Abele, artist ¬†

“As a emerging artist I found Barcelona Showcase to be a fantastic¬†experience and the kudos of showing at such a prestigious site has¬†certainly built my confidence and contact list.¬† I can definitely recommend¬†this…. “- Mourl Ferryman, artist

“It has been my second time participating on the Barcelona Showcase, and I as¬†the first time I was really happy to be a part of such a great show… really,¬†exhibit in the “Casa Batl√≥ ” of Gaudi what an honour!!!And the team is really great and nice… I am looking forward for my 3rd¬†time!!!!!”-C√©lia Bai Lambert, artist

“The best exhibition I did in all my artistic career “Barcelona Showcase” at a great place “Casa Batllo”. In my opinion the most famous cultural building of Barcelona. All artists selected were very talented, every Artwork shown was very special, unique and so different. Unfortunately I could not attend myself, but trusted Barcelona Showcase Team and have been very professional! The General Manager helped me a lot with getting my paintings there on time, handled all my pieces with care, helped representing me together with my friend who was at Barcelona Showcase. They looked after it, as I would do it myself, with such care, professional and artistic minds. Without a doubt I will take part again to any art event organised by Global Art Agency and their members”.
Mohamed Benhadj, Artist

” The barcelona showcase 2012 was again the best opportunity to exhibit at one of the most famous places in Barcelona and Europe. Thank you very much to the whole team and sponsors for the great organisation. It was again a very crowded event giving the artists the opportunity to touch a much larger public I was expecting. The private party and prices ceremony were the best way to close a perfect day. I’m looking forward for next event which promises already a lot. Thank you very much. ”
Thierry Durand, Artist

“I am very happy to participate in Amsterdam showcase. I’ve just coming back from Barcelona showcase, and I would like to say that it was a great moment for me and my family.I would to say thank to your organisation.”-Romain Schaller, Artist

“Really looking forward to Amsterdam hope it is just as much fun as Barcelona Showcase, many thanks for the show, warmth and encouragement and most important being there for everyone, Thank you”
Alistair Cooke, Artist

‚ÄúShowcasing my Art at Barcelona Showcase was a wealth of great experience for myself. I met Artists of different walks of life, the organisers and art buyers. Since coming back from my trip, I have received emails from potential corporate clients as well as private clients who also purchased my limited edition prints. Barcelona Showcase was a fabulous and great event which I really enjoyed.‚ÄĚ
Bali Sangha,  Artist

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