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Creative ways of getting out there and selling art

You are an artist and you create Art because that’s your passion! You love what you do and in order to support yourself you will have to sell. Exhibiting your work with some great promotion will help for certain. Which is why we give you the opportunity to show and sell your work at our events commission-free, provide you with full promotion, support, marketing, press and partner discounts. We give you international exposure at our events, encourage you, mentor you if needed and introduce you to art enthusiasts and art collectors from around the world, also through our online art gallery. We are just as passionate about art as you, we work hard giving you more exposure and will look after you at our events.

Getting sponsorship is a great support, and we encourage it through our ‘Sponsor an Artist’ option that we communicate to private and corporate clients, and you could do the same. If you can benefit from sponsorship be pro-active and start approaching the right people, either companies or private sponsors. To help you out we will offer at no charge your sponsor the following for supporting you to participate at any of our events:

  • Sponsor company logo and services will be featured in our catalogues distributed to thousands of visitors that come along to our events.
  • Company will be advertised on our website and showcase marketing material.
  • Mailing List promotion over 10.000 artists, art enthusiasts, galleries, art suppliers, curators, etc.
  • Receive x6 Free Private View Champagne Reception tickets (worth €15 per ticket).
  • Get VIP treatment at our events and mingle with like-minded art enthusiasts and art collectors.
  • We are advertised by ArtPrice reaching 1.300.000 people around the world, and also advertise locally in press and magazines.
  • Sponsor company will be featured in our Showcase Film & Photography documentary.
  • Social Media advertising.

More tips on getting sponsorship and other ideas to get out there:

  • The best way to get a sponsor, is to say thanks by giving discounted rate on your art, or even create a bespoke piece for free.
  • You can promote your sponsor on your own website.
  • You can mention your sponsor in press, interviews, blogs, social media.
  • Advertise their logo on your business card.
  • Donate to charity, which will do the world good and also makes your sponsor look good.
  • Approach local companies, or companies in the area you like to exhibit/show your work.
  • Join up with other artists and spread costs of exhibiting.

If interested please email us as we are happy to help and discuss the possibilities with you. Your sponsor will pay the fee of exhibit at our events, and so it becomes free for you. To get started on getting sponsorship, simply use this link here, which is an article about ‘Sponsor an Artist’ that you can email to your prospects! Good Luck!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso


About Global Art Agency

GLOBAL ART AGENCY specialises in Artist Promotions & Contemporary Showcase, representing artists and galleries worldwide. Working together with qualified art partners and sponsors around the globe enables us to make unique connections within the art community on an international level. Organiser of art showcases around the globe; Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Singapore and many more…Our Showcases take place at exclusive & spectacular venues attracting thousands of art collectors, art enthusiasts and media.!/GlobalArtAgency

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