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The Global Art Awards, 2012

The Global Art Awards is an initiative by Global Art Agency, to promote ART!
To artists by giving them the opportunity to shine, receive global acknowledgement and recognition. And to VIP guests rewarding them for their art enthusiasm, loyal dedication to the arts and their art investments.

Global Art Awards Ceremony
This year The Global Art Awards ceremony will be held at Amsterdam Showcase 1st December 2012, at de Oude Kerk. During the Champagne Reception and Private View (from 18.00 pm) in front of hundreds of VIP guests and press, the winner will be announced! For VIP tickets €15 please email us, or buy online.

How it works
Artists apply through the GAA Facebook page where the competition is hosted. Artist then enter a picture of their work, explaining their vision, ambition, talent, creativity, way of working and/or statement. The public can vote for their favorite artist and from the top 20 most voted entries, the jury will be choosing ‘Global Artist of the year’.

VIP Guests can enter the awards to win VIP Guest prizes by entering their unique VIP Ticket into a draw, at arrival to the Private View on 1st Dec. GAA Team members will hand-pick the winners live at the ceremony.

The Jury
GAA are very proud to announce the jury panel of two very experienced art professionals. They will collectively discuss and decide the winner of GAA Awards 2012, out of the top 20 most voted online, and they will attend Amsterdam Showcase to curate ‘Amsterdam Showcase Best Artist award 2012.’

We are honored to announce to you the Jury of GAA Awards 2012:

Ruurd Hallema

Ruurd Hallema – One of the most famous independent sculptors in the Netherlands. Ruurd has been sculpting for more than 30 years and his bronze sculptures can be seen everywhere in Europe. His works can be admired in, among others, his own galleries on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam and in Borne. In addition to sculpting, Ruurd is also a teacher in the Industrial Design project at the Saxion College, and ambassador of Amsterdam Creative City Area. Ruurd has designed several important award and trophy sculptores, we are therefore very proud to have Ruurd on board.  More about Ruurd

Berry de Bruijn

Berry de Bruijn – Professional Artist for more than 20 years. Selling his works on a global level, Berry comes from a family of well-known antique- and art dealers. He grew up exposed to many art forms, artists and collectors, which allowed him to become a successful self-taught international artist. Berry is famous for his African inspired portraits. A perfectionist, Berry has great eye to detail. “To me, every work of art gives the viewer a glimpse of the spirit that resides in the heart of every model that I paint. I like to touch the viewer somewhere deep within, causing them to take that second look.”Another panel member, that we are very proud of to have on board.  More about Berry

“Tears of Picasso”

The Awards:
‘Best Global Artist Award 2012’
Unique GAA trophy Award, by Ruurd Hallema
GAA full year promotion and participation next exhibition
Lomography Camera worth €100

‘Amsterdam Showcase Best Artist Award 2012’
GAA Award plaque, GAA promotion and participation next exhibition
Ruinart Champagne Magnum €120
Lomography Camera worth €100

“1st. Global VIP Guest Award’
Painting ‘Tears of Picasso’ (worth €2400) by UK based abstract artist Tony Broadbent

“2nd. Global VIP Guest Award’
4-star Avenida Palace Barcelona 2-night stay, Superior Room with breakfast included for two.

How to vote for Best Global Artist Award 2012.
Go to Global Art Agency Facebook page, Like this page, then scroll through all entries, and vote for your favorite by ticking the box of your choice(s).

How to enter.
Go to Global Art Agency Facebook page, Like this page, then fill in your details, upload your work, and share the page with your friends to get votes. Closing date: 03/11/2012

Champagne Ruinart | Lomography | Avenida Palaca | Seacourt Ltd


About Global Art Agency

GLOBAL ART AGENCY specialises in Artist Promotions & Contemporary Showcase, representing artists and galleries worldwide. Working together with qualified art partners and sponsors around the globe enables us to make unique connections within the art community on an international level. Organiser of art showcases around the globe; Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Singapore and many more…Our Showcases take place at exclusive & spectacular venues attracting thousands of art collectors, art enthusiasts and media.!/GlobalArtAgency

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