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Amsterdam Showcase Review 2012

Amsterdam Showcase 2012 at de Oude Kerk. Over 2500 visitors and VIPs entered the beautiful building, church ‘livingroom’ of amsterdam. We like to thank all visitors who came to visit Amsterdam Showcase 2012 and we like to congratulate all of those fabulous artists that participated and that sold, networked and partied at ClubNL to celebrate success. The press have been great, and yes it was a little cold, but everyone made the most out of it and the positive vibes could be felt throughout the stunning church!

Here are some pictures to sum up the event.

AmsterdamShowcase kirroyae artboards 577978_296342463816887_909843684_n 577739_296454743805659_971396309_n 549654_296336380484162_1824555490_n 483610_297152093735924_1236501161_n 429459_297151970402603_1546827437_n 429388_297153263735807_908617037_n 395107_297151697069297_1491235697_n 309180_296697000448100_1366135302_n 252256_297152170402583_1915220756_n 148218_296322237152243_2073923309_n 67667_298009503650183_305684157_n 65083_296366657147801_1049220214_n 32354_297152063735927_2053512184_n 31573_298214046963062_2057570972_n 29357_296357773815356_2044919012_n 12249_296700893781044_1875327337_n

Cristina Otero

Cristina Otero

Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky


Giulio Gomes

Giulio Gomes

Nini Martini

Nini Martini


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