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Amsterdam Showcase Review by the exhibitors


“I’m happy for the success of the fair! Congratulations GAA! All the best.” – Albert Belles, Spain.

“Wat leuk om je gezien te hebben, en wat een topdag!!! Ook de mensen onder elkaar, zo leuk! Heb ontzettend leuke contacten gemaakt, uitnodigingen gekregen, en opdracht, weer flink aan het werk. Ook Freda en Henk, wat een leuke mensen. Nogmaals te gek, en bedankt” Hartelijke groet Duuf – Nederland.

“Thank you for the amazing showcase. Lots of fun and very well organized.” – Stefano Jannuzzi, Ireland.

“Thanks for the good show!” – Pieter Buijs, Netherlands

“Thank you so much for the fantastic experience at the showcase. I had a wonderful time and met some wonderfully interesting people!” – Hannah Hardy, England

“Happy being part of this wonderful exhibition in this extraordinary church!” – Martina Kolle, Germany

“Dankjewel Je bent TOP !!! zoooo een mooie lokatie en goed geregeld!!!” – Henk Veen, Netherlands

“Thank You again for the chance to participate at Amsterdam Showcase! It was a great show and I was so happy to be there.” – Ilze Kalvane, Latvia

“Thanks for an amazing event, there was so much to see I didn’t get to see all of it so its great to see the facebook photos of what I missed. There was so much incredible work and amazing people there. I hope you do it again next year as I’d love to do it again. – Julia Everett, UK.

“I just would like to thank you for a lovely day, thanks to a perfect smooth organization of you all!! It was fun to meet all the other artists as well and everybody that I spoke was delighted about the whole exhibition.” – Amy Polling, UK.

“Thank you very much to the whole team of Global Art Agency I had a great time over there in Amsterdam and I met very nice Artists from all the world! Thank you again and I hope to be there on the next year!!!” Analeuta M. Capraro, Italy.

“Thank you for the fresh weekend. It is always great fun again exhibiting with you guys. I had a great stand neighbour from Brazil, so we kept warm dancing samba a little :)” – Julia Abele, UK.

“Great experience it was in Amsterdam with great people!” – The Wet-Painter, Netherlands

“I have to say it was a great showcase, unfortunately I didn’t sell but the show has given me a new insight into exhibiting as it was my first in Europe so I thank you for that. I would definitely like to keep in touch with you. Great to be apart of the Amsterdam show had really great feedback and really professionally organised it would be a pleasure to be apart of the next showcase.” Rohan Samuel, UK.

“Thanks so much for helping to make this journey possible, and I will most certainly keep in touch.” – Olivia Kapoor, USA.

“Ik wil je hartelijk danken voor de geboden kans om door jouw organisatie in de oude kerk in Amsterdam te mogen staan. De organisatie was ernorm goed.” – SHADON, Netherlands.

“Thank you very much for the Amsterdam Showcase. It was great! Please do not hesitate to tell me when you’re launching the reservation to Barcelona Showcase and also something in UK and NYC.” – Dean Ildefonse, France.

“From the sun of Barcelona to the cold of Amsterdam, but the warmth of the reception of the showcase team, has made our day good, thank you” – Alistair Cook, Netherlands.

“Excellent time at exhibition yesterday! (A little less to carry back to Oz) Met loads of great artists and the after party was cool too! Thank you Global Art Agency” – Nilla’s Photography, UK.

“It was a pleasure visiting the Amsterdam Showcase ♥ let’s keep in touch!!” – HoopDoop Amsterdam Magazine

“Back from Amsterdam exhibition at de Oude Kerk- a huge thank you to @GlobalArtAgency ! A pleasure to work with xxx” – Ewa Wilczynski, UK. – ‏@EwaWilczynski on Twitter.

“Thank you for everything and this great ‘hot’ event!” – Maartje Meerman, Netherlands.

“Thank you @GlobalArtAgency @JoelleDinnage for an inspiring #AmsterdamShowcase, lots of great art!Great to finally meet you 🙂 Barcelona next!” Nilwe, Belgium – ‏@Nilwe on Twitter.

“@GlobalArtAgency was a great privilege exhibiting with you and so many brilliant artists. cold but great! x” – Amy Byford, UK – ‏@amy_byford on Twitter.

“#AmsterdamShowcase thank you @GlobalArtAgency How super cool venue, over 2500 visitors And work sold!!! Whoohoo Congrats on the succes!” – The Funky Art Gallery, UK – ‏@FunkyArtGallery on Twitter.

“Just home from #amsterdamshowcase @globalartagency. Brilliant experience despite the cold! Big thanks2 @ruurdhallema for such kind comments” – Sam Shendi ‏, UK. @SamShendi on Twitter.

“Great weekend filming at De Oude Kerk with @GlobalArtAgency’s Amsterdam Showcase.” – Oxford Media Factory, UK. – ‏@OxMediaFactory on twitter.

“I’ve had a great weekend exhibiting at the Amsterdam Showcase. @globalartagency @ctagalleries” Gültekin Bilge, UK – ‏@GulBilgeARTIST on Twitter.

“@GlobalArtAgency Yesterday Amsterdam Showcase was nice! Today warming up! #art #paintings” – Pieter Buijs, Netherlands – ‏@Artpeer on Twitter.

“@JoelleDinnage @ruurdhallema @GlobalArtAgency soooooo cool living the dream Thank you SOooooooo much xxxx” – Loes van Delft, Netherlands – ‏@LoesvanDelft on Twitter (Winner GAA Award).

“@SamShendi @globalartagency Looove the venue! gorgeous! #AmsterdamShowcase #art #artgenius #Girlypicasso” – Lauren Jay Wondra, UK – ‏@WondraFineArt on Twitter.

“Great to be apart of the Amsterdam show had really great feedback and really professionally organised it would be a pleasure to be apart of the next showcase” – Rohan Samuel, UK.

“We loved to work with Joelle Dinnage and see and speak with the other artists. Joelle, you did more than a great job. we love to work with you and had a great time on the event. loving greetings with a warm heart x” – Freeda Verburg

“Thank you for a memorable evening for sure” Sabira Manek, Winner VIP Guest Award.

Dear Joelle Dinnage, It was a great day, a wonderful experience and a day with a lot of good vibrations. There was a lot of high quality art as I told in my speech but the true winner of the day, the most extraordinary artist was Kristina Rebecca Romachkan. She was a real winner of Amsterdam Showcase. And of course Loes van Delft was the true winner of the Global Art Award. Thank you dear Joelle for sharing this all with so many nice people. xx – Ruurd Hallema, Judge GAA Awards.

“All the artists were winners and well done Kristina! Big congrats to the global art agency, it is because of them we artists are showcasing!!” Bali Sangha Jenkins

“All artists participating are winners for sure! They are the stars of the show, as always!” – Joelle Dinnage

“Thanxxx for the great show!!” – Henk Veen

“Thanks for a great exhibition and party. The photos on the GAA facebook page look fantastic!” – Julia Everett, UK


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