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Kristina Romachkan: Amsterdam Showcase Best Artist Award

Amsterdam Showcase 2012 WinnerKristina Romachkan participated as one of the 250 exhibitors at Amsterdam Showcase 2012 at De Oude Kerk. The jury of high profile and well-known artists Ruurd Hallema and Berry de Bruijn announced Kristina as the winner of the Amsterdam Showcase Best Artist Award 2012, a fantastic achievement!

GAA Curator and award-winning Entrepreneur Joelle Dinnage held an interview with the winner and congratulated her on the amazing success.

Hi Kristina, Again congratulations on winning the Best Artist Award at Amsterdam Amsterdam Showcase 2012 WinnerShowcase. From all 250 amazingly talented artists you have been chosen the winner, how do you feel?
I still can’t believe it….haha I didn’t expect it at all. It’s really amazing, I’ve never participated at an art event of this kind, and to be recognized for my work in this way is beyond words!

How did you experience exhibiting at Amsterdam Showcase in De Oude Kerk?
I really enjoyed participating at this event. I am happy with the panels given to me for the exhibit. It was super cold, other than that everything was good and I felt a very good vibe at De Oude Kerk.

How would you describe your artwork and the concept or story behind it?
I am just a painter, this is the way I express reality I perceive. I paint from my emotions, and I am always present. I feel like an explorer, I am always searching for something, so I experiment with different techniques and materials. I am self taught and I do things on trial and error basis. I don’t believe in mistakes in expression, anything negative can be transformed into a positive and visa versa. This is actually the core of my being and my belief. Everything is always changing and I am changing, as a result what I express is continuously evolving.

Amsterdam Showcase 2012 WinnerApart from winning this award, what has been your biggest achievement so far?
I’ve always wanted to help humanity. I hold a Master’s degree in International Policy Studies, with Specialization in International Negotiation/Conflict Resolution. I think my greatest achievement so far is being true to myself.

What is your inspiration behind your artwork?
I am inspired by everything all the time! Everything I do comes from my search for balance.

What message do you want to send out with your art?
My message is: Be You-Be True! Whatever it is, if its Real, it’s You! I want to inspire people in a positive way. I don’t want to fight against anything, I want to introduce change in a positive way and serve as a positive example.

Amsterdam Showcase 2012 WinnerWhat is your biggest dream to achieve?
Music is my soul. My dream is to do live painting with different bands that I like and listen to. Santigold is one of them, I would like to paint live to her and other bands, Florence and the Machine, MGMT… I just want to have the means to continue doing something I love, which is painting, do projects with other artists, and be inspired.

What are your hobbies apart from painting, and being creative?
I love music, dancing, roller-blading, movies. I like being around children and doing projects with them. I like to write, fashion, going to second hand stores and finding unique things. I also like politics but I’m not involved in it at the moment.

Where is your next exhibition?
I have an expo here in Hilversum at the Business Room, Havenstraat 14. Meet and Greet Jan. 27, 15:00-19:00 The expo will go on for a few months.

Amsterdam Showcase 2012 WinnerWhat would your advice be to the starter inspiring artist?
My advice is to always follow your heart, wherever it takes you! Believe in yourself, this is something I am also learning.

Thank you Kristina for your interview. Your inspiration is very fascinating. I share your vision of believing in turning negatives into positives and keep believing, I suppose that has also to do what made you the winner. Your work is very vibrant, colourful and I can feel the positive vibes coming from it. A true winner, congratulations again!

You can view Kristina’s artwork on her website:
And she will be exhibiting at Barcelona Showcase 2013, 27th April.


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