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Loes van Delft: Best Global Artist Award 2012

Loes van Delft: Best Global Art Award WinnerThe Global Art Awards competition opened mid 2012 to all artists around the globe. With submitting an image and description of their artwork they entered into an art competition, in which the top 20 most voted entries would go through to the final round. From the top 20 most voted entries the Jury of Ruurd Hallema and Berry de Bruijn chose the Best Global Artist Award. Over 200 artists entered the online competition hosted on the Global Art Agency Facebook page. Loes van Delft won Best Global Artist Award 2012 announced at Amsterdam Showcase.

GAA Curator and award-winning entrepreneur Joelle Dinnage interviewed the winner Loes van Delft.

Loes, congratulations again on winning the Best Global Art Award 2012, and winning the famous Ruurd Hallema trophy award. What made you enter the GAA Best Artist Award competition?
On several social media I noticed the Global Art competition and it made me very curious, so I took a closer look what it exactly entailed. There were a lot of great entries, so it seemed a great idea to participate… because you never know…

Loes van DelftOver 200 artists from all over the world applied, did you ever expect to win?
Nooooo! I didn’t expect to win. It came as a complete surprise. I was already surprised to see that my work was voted by the public so much to be in the top 20. There were so many great works. The jury had a hard task and they obviously had to decide unanimous who the winner is, I feel very honoured that I earned this title.

Please describe your artwork and the concept or story behind it?
It’s always difficult to answer this question. There is not always a message behind my art. The work speaks for itself. The audience can think of a different vision or story with my art.

Apart from winning this award, what has been your biggest achievement so far?
Of course number 1 The Best Global Art Award, that’s obvious – Haha. I am proud that my works hang in so many beautiful different places throughout the country. And of course Art Gallery in Graz (Austria). In May 2013 there will be a book published with my illustrations and artworks, which is awesome. And I am currently working on a exhibition at the GO Gallery, Prinsengracht Amsterdam. I am really looking forward to this. May is gonna be a very important time for me 🙂

Loes van Delft: Best Global Art Award WinnerWhat is your inspiration behind your artwork?
The daily things around me inspire me. Everywhere I go I pick up some inspiration (mostly subconsiously). My work is mostly figurative, cartoon-like animals, and I always give my own flair to it.

What message do you want to send out with your art?
I always use bright vibrant colours and characters. I like it a lot when people start smiling looking at my work.

What is your biggest dream to achieve?
Being independent. Becoming famous and well-known with my work, so I can make a decent living with it. My days at the moment are full-time art and I would be very happy if this continues for the rest of my life. Painting a lot and being occupied with lots of different fantastic projects. A cool little house in Amsterdam would also be awesome… actually a big exclamation mark is in front of this.

Loes van Delft

You won the precious and unique Ruurd Hallema GAA Award, have you made a special place for it at your home?
A very special place indeed! It is well-presented in the living room so I can look at it every day. It is a very nice memory, I will never forget. 1 of the highlights of 2012!

What are your hobbies apart from painting, and being creative?
It might sound strange but my work is my hobby. I love painting and illustrating!

What would your advice be to the starter inspiring artist?
Always believe in yourself. People might underestimate your capabilities, but know from yourself that you can do it!

Thank you Loes for your interview. I am a big fan of your work myself. It is very funky and urban contemporary, which in my opinion is the most memorable style of art at this moment of time. I see great things for you happening in the future. You have a great spirit, you know who you are and your art style is well-established already. This is only the beginning, and you have a long successful road ahead! Again congratulations on winning.

Connect with Loes van Delft on Facebook by liking her page: Loes van Delft website:

Loes van Delft: Best Global Art Award Winner


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