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Artist Vanessa Girin at Barcelona Showcase 2013

Woman (pastel)Vanessa Girin, 25yrs living in Grenoble a town in the French Alps. Painted her entire life since the age of 9. Vanessa creates portraits in pastel, and today her art is inspired by the world of cinema and everything related to it.

This is an interview with Vanessa Grin, France who has been selected and will be exhibiting her artworks at Barcelona Showcase Art event Saturday 27th April 2013 at Gaudi Casa Batllo.

Fete des lumières

Fete des lumières

What work will you be showing in Barcelona?
I recently tried other techniques, such as oil paints with its incredible potential, more freedom of movement and effects. Combined  with other materials such as glass painting, it has led to a series of paintings representing pictural film captures. My art is figurative and narrative. It is transmitted by the strength of expressions, movements and perspectives. It is my own analysis of scenes or expressions previously seen on screen.

What would you like the Spanish Art Collectors to know about your work, what feeling would you like to give them with your artwork?
My art is a cinematic travel to analyze the human race and its possibilities. From existing scenes, I materialize a new vision of the universe. The spectator gets therefore sensitive to a particular emotion, transmitted or highlighted by my subject. My painting sets this moment to allow a new or a first meeting between the character and his viewer.

Danse movementWhat is your work or your style or yourself famous for?
My style has been famous for my pastel portraits. They managed to touch my models and their family by the objective reading they got through this new image. They were also impressed by the faithful reproduction I was making of them. Besides, I can say that, thanks to my experience, I can learn very fast how to use and experience new painting, but also drawing and art techniques. My knowledge and passion of cinema led me to link my painting to it. Since then, I feel the need to paint movies, as if I had to externalize scenes and feelings that were already in my unconscious. I give now a greater dimension to human presence in portraits and my “followers” appreciate that. I am nourished by the difficult and strong moments that one can know through this interactive experimentation with cinema. With the Barcelona Showcase, I will finally confront this new artistic direction to a new public.

Baby (pastel)Have you been to Barcelona before? What did you think of it? Or if not, what are you looking forward to?
I went to Barcelona during my design studies two years ago and studied Gaudi’s architecture. Having the opportunity to see his work with my own eyes was an amazing discovery. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to him and the special atmosphere he settled. As I am very sensitive to his art, I am even more pleased to be allowed to exhibit in his fabulous building, but also to come back to meet people living in Barcelona with their so diverse and rewarding culture.

Who is your favorite Artist of all times?
Without any hesitation, Enki Bilal. I love artists whose work brings together a multitude of areas. His work topples all the barriers that may exist between the various arts, and so, writing, scenography, drawing and cinema write a unique story. The emotion that emerges from his portraits is further exacerbated by the multitude of drawing techniques he uses. I admire artists without barriers experiencing everything.

Monica Belluci (pastel)What is your favorite or most inspirational place?
I have a special attachment to the United States. In addition to being the country representing all freedoms and opportunities one can wish, it is an incredible beauty. It brings together many extraordinary landscapes, all tinged with incredible various colors, shaped by history and time. But in general, the world itself and its riches is what inspires me the most.

What message do you want to send out with your art, or with your vision…?
I don’t want to give any guidance. I don’t want my paintings to be too explicit in order to leave a sufficient distance to the viewer. I want him to feel and experience through his own eyes. It is to give way to freedom that I use black and white. I want my painting to bring these different worlds closer and encourage a new mode of observation to confront looks and feelings.

What has been your biggest achievement so far, art related or personal.
I participated in a national annual student competition in Lyon in France for “Le festival des lumières” that coats the city of light scenographies. I won the competition and got the opportunity to expose my project. Once again, my installation paid tribute to the cinema, but particularly to the important cultural heritage that the Lumière brothers, natives of the city, have left behind.

You can view Vanessa’s Artworks at Barcelona Showcase Saturday 27th April 2013 at Gaudi Casa Batllo. You will have the opportunity to meet Vanessa in person and buy her artworks. She will be more than happy to speak to you, and tell you more about her artworks.




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