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Katarin A Parizek, Water, ever changing…pure potential.

theaVR2Z6380colorflat sharpKatarin A Parizek from the United States of America will be exhibiting her beautiful Water inspired artworks at the Barcelona Showcase 2013. She says this about her work: “Waters’ Colours is a growing body of photographic work about water. As I study water, I have observed how waters’ colours have influenced many artists from the glass artists of Murano, to this wonderful building created by Antoni Gaudi. Water has influenced the work of Gustav Klimit, Willem De Kooning, Savador Dali and many others. Water, ever changing and fluid, each new force creates a ripple, of pure potential.”

This is an interview with Katarin A Parizek, Barcelona Showcase 2013 exhibitor. Stand #081 27th April, Casa Batllo.

the parizek2_watercolors3extcolorWhat are you most looking forward to at Barcelona Showcase?
My time in Barcelona will be short, but I am really looking forward to being surrounded by, seeing and being inside of Antoni Gaudi’s Architecture. I am also looking forward to meeting people, other artists from around the world and seeing their art work.

Could you tell us about some of your work? And how will you describe your style?
This body of work “Waters’ Colours” is very abstract, colorful, and playful. It is drawn from reflections and is very reflective.

Waters colors seriesAny influences or anyone you look up to when it comes to creating art?
I was born a few hundred feet from “the Big Spring” in Bellefonte, PA, a spring that originally gave Bellefonte its name (Beautiful Fountain). Since birth, environmental awareness, the environment, water and water pollution problems have ebbed and flowed throughout my life. My interests are broad and diverse: Ancient civilizations, customs, cultures, myths, legends, rituals, (sometimes religions) and the people creating and living within and effected by these broader themes interest me, and my work as well as the environment and environmental pollution issues. My work usually is about social issues… This work however is free from issues… It is about color, form, contemplation and reflection. It is about learning from and seeing water.

As I look at the water I can see how many artists through time have been influenced by water. Forms in some of these pieces remind me of Savador Dali, Gustav Klimit, the glass of Murano, Florence paper making and print making.

aVR2Z6418colorsharpcropWhat jobs have you done other than being an artist?
I am an Assistant Professor of Photography at The Pennsylvania State University. I have been teaching photography at the University level since 1996. Born in Bellefonte Pennsylvania, and raised as a global citizen in our world. I live in State College, PA during the school year and do research and teach abroad during the summers. (US by birth and US passport) My photographic research integrates archeology, history, religions, art history, other cultures, myths, legends, rituals, environmental science and graphic design. It involves extensive travel and work in many countries. I am an environmental and portrait photographer, who has traveled to 5 of the 7 continents and worked in 53 countries (20 for Photography and 33 for Hydrogeology and Environmental Studies).

My photographic interests include studying the environment, customs, cultures, ancient myths, legends and rituals from different cultures. I have photographed extensively in Egypt, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, The US, The Republic of Georgia, Turkey, Greece, and The Ukraine to name a few.

I was born next to a Big Spring in Bellefonte, PA and water and environmental work have ebbed and flowed throughout my life. I have given many lectures at the Geologic Society of America, as well as lectures in Poland, Leningrad (Former Soviet Union), and Egypt about fracture traces. I was the official photographer on a 6 person USAID team that studied Chernobyl.

aVR2Z6322-3to printsharpflatWhat memorable responses have you had to your work?
During a portfolio review, Ansel Adams’ Daughter had tears in her eyes when she saw some of my environmental work… and she said “Thank you! My dad would have loved to have known you!” Later she brought her daughter over to see my work. Those tears and that moment has stuck with me.

I am a Fulbright Scholar for Photography in Bolivia. While in Bolivia, I had 5 exhibitions, worked for the Bolivian Ministry of Culture, represented the US Embassy, and exhibited with Union Latina. I was also the official photographer for the National Ballet of Bolivia.

I believe that my greatest photographic honor was to represent Bolivia in an official Exhibition at the Summit of Americas in Quebec City, Canada. The Summit of the Americas was a summit attended by all of the heads of State from all of the Countries in the Americas except for Fidel Castro. (He was not invited.)

I made an important discovery in The Valley of the Kings, Egypt. I observed that most of the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings were created on fracture trace structures. I predicted where one could find new tombs and I am now a PI of a Mission that advises the Ministry of Antiquities on where to place water so that the tombs do not get flooded, and preventing the structural damage of tombs in the Valley of Kings. I am presently photographing and stitching together 10,000s of images to create life sized 3d walk though models of the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

What is your favorite or most inspirational place?
I love the mountains and I love the ocean! I love to be by water!

What does art mean to you?
Searching searching the swelling waters,
the faraway mountains…
Floating down the amazon rivers and
hiking the Inca trails of life.
On an unending journey,
led out of the way by deluded senses,
the sounds you hear, the thoughts you think are all origins of ideas.
Moving from being lost in our thoughts, to being conscious of thoughts
When all senses are in harmonious order and the eye is properly directed,
one finds the essence of self.
Deeply understanding that the objective world is a reflection of the self…
When in tune one thought moves, another follows,
then another… the path becomes apparent.
Doors open and close.
It is your choice whether to proceed, but you must be patient.
Eyes fixed at the essence, rather than on things of this earth.
However enticed, no longer being kept back,
eyes open and very aware.
Sitting alone, observing as everything undergoes changes… constantly changing.
Enveloped in the evening mist like the moon rising out of the clouds…
or one ray of light penetrating through a stormy Nebraska sky,
shining like gold separated from overburden.
Thoughts, like ripples on the water extending to infinity.
Visions of a boat floating on the mist and a bird swimming through the sky.
Beating time, my heart filled with an indescribable joy.
Distilled to the essence,
divine spiritual energy.
A breath of fresh air!

By Katarin Parizek

My photography has not only been selected to be in juried exhibitions and shown in gallery settings, but also (in my eyes) more importantly it has been used in an applied way to directly impact societies by bringing awareness to issues and help facilitate dialog which often leads to significant social change. I have collaborated with artists, art historians, Egyptologists, archeologists in Egypt and South America, geologists, oil and natural gas engineers, government officials, members of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Ambassadors, Ministers of Culture and Antiquities, dancers, painters and poets.

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to exhibit my work in Barcelona. I look forward to meeting everyone and showing my work.

View Katarin’s work online:


the parizek2_watercolors3extcolor


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  1. carol parizek
    May 1, 2013

    Kathy, remarkable. I liked the interview also. L. AC

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