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Creativity doesn’t stop at the canvas – Ways to get your Art out there.

So you are an artist, and you create art because you love doing it. It’s your passion, your life, heart and soul go into each piece, and in order to support yourself you decide to sell your artworks to make a living, to raise awareness and to become more and more successful.

There are many interesting options for artists to get more exposure, and it’s up to you to choose what you want for your career. Assuming you already have your your own website or blog. And you are socialising and networking on facebook, twitter, pinterest, LinkedIn. Perhaps you are also already joined up with an online art gallery that help you selling. However you are looking for more exposure, and whats a better way than showing your artworks in real-life to the crowds.

pic10Benefits to exhibiting artwork
Exhibiting your art for people to view and to see your pieces from up close is almost a necessity to make a sale. Buyers want to see the brush strokes, the vibrant colours that play with the light, the frame that surrounds the piece, and to experience the emotion that the art piece gives in real-life. It’s also very likely that they want to speak to the artist directly and get to hear the story behind the piece from the creator themselves.

For the artist it’s also a great opportunity to meet the potential buyers in person. It will give you more insight to what they find interesting about your works. It can give you more inspiration for future works. And at the same time you are also building up your own data of art collectors that are fascinated by your works. Giving you a solid client network to work from, as buyers will be interested to see how well you are doing, and are very likely to buy from you again.

How to exhibit artwork?
There are numerous ways of exhibiting your artwork. Through a commercial gallery, by setting up your own local exhibition, by participating at an art fair or group art exhibition. The thing is that most of these will require a certain amount of investment. You selling art, is the same as having your own company. And companies have to invest before getting a return.

pic6Benefits to participate at Art Fairs
Art fairs are specialised in giving you the best promotion and exposure you can get. With partners and sponsors international art fairs can reach millions of people. Advertising your artworks on their websites, social media, in catalogues, posters, flyers to a huge crowd including global press, independent Curators and Agents. Getting thousands of people through the doors of the exhibition venue that come and see your artworks! Picking up your business card. Seeing your artwork. Giving you the opportunity to speak to all of these Art lovers and Art professionals. Engage with them, handing them over your contact details, make a connection. And if potential buyers do not purchase one of your pieces at the art fair, they might still be interested in the months after, so spreading as well as gathering details is important. It’s very likely that Press also attends the Art Fairs, and if lucky your artwork can even be featured on TV, Radio or by a Newspaper or Magazine. A great step forward in your career!

Creativity doesn’t stop at the canvas!
Can Artists with a smaller pocket of money also benefit from the great exposure that international art exhibitions give? YES! The question is how? Creativity really doesn’t stop at the canvas. There are numerous ways for artists with a lack of funds to participate at the art events that they wish to attend. Think about the following ways of raising a budget for you to be able to participate at exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Miami, New York, etc…

Online Crowdfunding. People all over the world use crowdfunding platforms to raise huge amounts of money for all types of campaigns. Try it! – more info

Seek Corporate Sponsorship. Companies need to promote their services, and what better way than to sponsor an artist, who can give them promotion worldwide through getting advertised by the art fair organisation. You can also reward them for their sponsorship by giving them a customised piece of art! – more info

Seek Sponsorship from an Art Collector. Ask one (or more) of your Art Collectors to sponsor you to participate at an international art event. It’s also in their interest that you will do well as the more successful you become, the more valuable your art becomes (which they own a piece of). Write a good letter to seek sponsorship explaining the benefits to them. In return you could also offer to create a special piece for them. A win-win situation.

Apply together. Share costs by applying with an Artist friend or a group of Artists.

Payment options. Many exhibition and art fairs are willing to be flexible and will agree paying the fee in instalments (per month for example).

Safe up now. Start saving up now for that exhibition next year. Each art piece you sell donate a certain amount into your exhibition jar.

Be smart. So when you have established the fee to participate, there are some other costs involved, such as travel expenses and hotel accommodation. With being smart and creative, you can even stay at a nice accommodation without even paying for it.

Find alternative accommodation options. Although many art fairs have discounted rates for staying at hotels nearby the art exhibition venue. You can find cheap (or even free) alternatives. Swap your home with people who have common interests. People you can trust. Best of all – These guys will find them for you! More info

Cheap flights. Sky Scanner source for the cheapest flights in the sky. Most times the sooner you book your flights, the cheaper they are.

Taking artworks abroad. Most exhibitors take their works with them on the plane, this is easy, safe and cheaper than you think. Inform with your flight company before travelling what the conditions are. Other exhibitors make a special series of artworks that they can exhibit at the fair, which will easily travel with them in their luggage. You can also inform with your accommodation to ship artworks in advance to your hotel/apartment, etc. Make sure you use a reliable courier, and include all paperwork for it to cross safely to the other side.

This article is created by artists for artists. If you have any more tips for your fellow artists please write us and we will add it to this article.

Wishing you all the best in your art career to become an international succes!

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