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Ekaterina Lapaeva: Art as cognition of life itself.

Ekaterina Lapaeva from Russia currently living in London has been selected to exhibit at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair 25-26 October 2013 organised by the Global Art Agency.

Chaos Around Hidden Staircase

Looking at art as cognition of life itself, Ekaterina says art is all about authenticity, movement and change. The moment “NOW” is the best of her inspirations, and her art is a world of dancing colours, poetic brush strokes and authentic creativity, which aims to gracefully lead into intellectual and sensual depth of comprehension… WHO? WHAT? WHERE? HOW?… and WHY?

What is your work or your style or yourself famous for?
Artistic vision and vivid imagination, curious soul, courageous hand and a skill of embodying daring philosophical ideas in a sophisticated manner.

Abstract Flower 1What would you like the Austrian Art Collectors to know about your work, what feeling would you like to give them with your artwork?
To be honest I wouldn’t like to tell them what they should see or feel. I enjoy leaving a painting a little bit open for various interpretations and hearing how the viewer experiences my art.

Have you been to Vienna before? What did you think of it? Or if not, what are you looking forward to?
Yes, I have visited Vienna before but in a very different role. I was a dance sport competitor representing my country at The World Amateur Latin American Championship in the year 2002. Vienna has beautiful and mind inspiring architecture.

Who is your favorite Artist of all times?
I find myself not having any favourite artist in any field actually. I feel enormous respect for all artists and can get inspired by some works more than others but I do not have any idols. Only great respect.

An Eye Through the Vicious CircleWhat is your favorite or most inspirational place?
My imagination, nature and anything to do with it.

What message do you want to send out with your art, or with your vision…
That every time one would look at my painting, he/she would see some more to it than a day or a moment before.

What has been your biggest achievement so far, art related or personal.
Behind me is one extremely successful career as a top Professional Latin-American Dancer recognised all around the World as a high profile figure. In front of me an exciting career as a Visual Artist which I consider an achievement on it’s own. How much more blessed can one get?

Come and see Ekaterina’s work and meet her at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair 25-26 October 2013.



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