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Creating Art that transports viewers from their comfort zone – Asmita Rajiv

The Breadwinner_Asmita
Asmita Rajiv“I am a Thinking Artist. My mind is constantly observing and absorbing everything within as well as outside me. My paintings are about common men and women, their lives, struggles and aspirations, which are fundamentally similar at a deeper level, despite different backgrounds. My paintings reflect these universal realities, and therefore create an instant emotional connection with my viewers. My vision is to create art that transports viewers from their comfort zone into a contemplative frame of mind, to question, challenge, and appreciate, what we, the living, bring onto ourselves and to others – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” – Asmita Rajiv.

Asmita Rajiv has been selected to exhibit at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair organised and curated by the Global Art Agency. Asmita will be showcasing three paintings at the Vienna Showcase. The first one is titled, “Nirbhaya”, which means ‘Fearless’. This painting is dedicated to the Delhi rape victim, who was named Nirbhaya by the Indian media. In this painting, Asmita has depicted how Nirbhaya, through her courage and inner strength, continues to empower Indian women, even after her death. She has instilled a sense of power in women to transform themselves into “Goddess Durga” (the Hindu Goddess of courage) to protect their self-respect – says Asmita. The painting is accompanied by a poem that conveys its feelings and emotions.

Nirbhaya, O brave one,
You have suffered and fought for everyone’s grief,
On the bed of the distant clouds, my love,
You lie now, and forever rest in peace.
We take the baton from your tired soul,
To fight for our respect and courage,
Never again will we give that right to anyone,
We, the women, take this solemn pledge.
The gentleness of our nurturing souls,
Will transform into “Goddess Durga”,
For every demon in this wilderness of life,
In each of us will be reborn, a “Nirbhaya”.

My second painting is titled, “The Step-Child”. This painting depicts the complex maze of life in which we are all trapped. We are busy doing things expected from us by the society, and we work so hard to accomplish results that give us momentary superficial happiness. In this process, we ignore, mistreat and abandon this step-child who is sitting quietly in a corner waiting for some attention. And this lonesome step-child is no one else but us! This painting is a reminder to all of us that even though we try to satiate our needs and wants, we are actually ignoring our true-self. We need to pause and spend time with ourselves to introspect and discover what gives us true happiness that goes beyond the materialistic and superficial level.

Alone in the corner, the Stepchild waits,
Hoping against hope, for the darkness to fade
But the life goes on, with its busy grinding churn,
The Stepchild sits alone, quietly waiting for its turn.

Wrapped in your life, trapped in its maze,
You give yourself in, to a never-ending chase,
You do everything, that the world expects of you,
Your family, your friends, and sometimes strangers too.

And then you are left with nothing, nothing more to give
So far away have you gone, that there’s nothing left to feel
For that child who is abandoned, who’s always left behind,
The one who always waits, for a tiny grain of your time.

You ignore, you mistreat, you stopped caring long ago
You forgot to remember, the existence of that tiny soul
So busy, so tired, you have no moments, not even a few
For that lonesome little soul, the Stepchild that is You.

My third painting is called “The Breadwinner”. This is a story of all those women who step out of their homes and comfort zones, who challenge the stereotypes, overcome trying circumstances, sacrifice their present for the sake of a brighter future for their children, and go through this everyday battle with a firm resolve to fulfil their responsibilities.

Each of these paintings highlight various aspects of ‘human-hood’!

My paintings are about people, about all of us. Each of my paintings describes the ups and downs of our lives and our courage to live each day on our own terms. We may come from different cultures and backgrounds, but deep down we have many uncanny similarities. My paintings highlight these similarities, and for this reason, people from all over the world can relate to my artwork and see a glimpse of themselves in my paintings. The protagonist of my artwork is no one else, but my viewer, and therefore there is a sense of emotional bonding between the two.

It is my endeavor to create art that not only looks great on the wall, but also becomes an integral part of people’s lives and acts as a silent reminder of their values and beliefs. I hope that my paintings will ignite new ideas and thought process that would challenge the stereotypes and bring about a positive change in our society, one painting at a time.

I do figurative art. There is a use of symbolism in my work through which I attempt to get the viewer more actively involved in the process of putting the pieces together to complete the puzzle, and deciphering the meaning behind my paintings. Since my paintings deal with human emotions and challenges, they have an instant connection with the viewer who can emotionally relate to the story at a deeper level.

Another unique aspect about my artwork is that every single painting of mine is accompanied by a poem written by me that tells its story. These poems are heart-felt and emotional. A lot of people have told me that when they read the poem and look at my painting, they literally get goose-bumps. This for me is a great achievement.

It is my belief that each one of us has a thinker, a philosopher and a spiritual guru residing within us. But because of the never-ending race and chaos in our lives, this person gets buried somewhere deep inside us. All it needs is a few precious moments of solitude, away from the maddening crowd, for this person to re-surface to contemplate, challenge and seek truth about ourselves and how we want to live and contribute in this world.

My vision is that my paintings can bring out this shy thinker who can bring forth the thought -leadership of the common man!

Connect with Asmita:

Come and see Asmita’s Artwork at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair 25-26 October 2013 at the MOYA Museum located within the Palace of Schonborn in Vienna, Austria. 



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  1. Chandupa
    October 13, 2013

    Very thoughtful and inspiring comment

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