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Winners Best Global Art Awards exhibiting at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair

Winners of the Best Global Artist Awards 2013 hosted at the amazing Gaudi’s Casa Batllo last Spring, are exhibiting their winning artworks at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair 25-26 October at the historic Palace of Schonborn in Austria.

image-2Best Global Artist winner and internationally renowned Russian concert pianist with a deep passion for art photography ‘Tatiana Loguinova’ (TLart- fusion of music & visual art), will be exhibiting her fascinating and unusual artworks combining photography, digital technics and mixed media. Her pieces are very intimate visual impressions and expressions of music she performs or listens to… emotions and dreams, transformed in colours and forms… visual poetry of rhythm and sound… Despite having worked with visual art for a few years only, Tatiana has gained international recognition and appreciation already.

Tatiana will be exhibiting a selection of 9 works in different styles, which were created during the last 3 years. All of them are inspired by music of poetry. She is excited to exhibit in Vienna, as it has always been her favourite city, where she feels being home – “The quintessence of European culture, the place of top art, which feeds my inspiration endlessly…”

IMG_5982Stefan Petrunov, Best Global Artist Winner announced by the famous Spanish Artist Robert Llimós. The modest yet very talented Artist, Stefan simply says he loves to paint. Experiencing with different styles, techniques and concepts he found that the best thing for him is to discover more and more opportunities in painting itself. Making and creating experiments in painting. He was educated in one traditional, and,- may say “conservative” way in his country – as he says: “Contradictions and diversity were ‘bad’ things for the official view. But now I see that this could do some good for me as I began to consider that traditional painting is an advantage when you intent to explore the endless opportunities that painting gives.”

Stefan_Petrunov_Girl with knifeStefan continues: “Winning such a prize showing that artist work is not meaningless as sometimes I thought, like every artist feel in moments in doubt. It’s worth to continue. And winning the GAA Award has changed my life for good. Very soon after winning, I received e-mails with inquiries and propositions for taking part in other exhibitions. One of them happening in New York next year.” Stefan is looking forward exhibiting at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair, and is most looking forward to see his artist friends again from Barcelona. Also to meet new artists and art lovers. He finishes with saying: “That’s the best thing that someone could experience at this wonderful event, meeting new friends.”

179407_370237763094023_115799005_nBest Global Art Gallery Award Winner ‘Zen-Sations Arboreum’, Creator of the project ‘The energetic universe of shapes’ that states the essence, beauty, intelligence and mathematics of nature. Transcending both geographic and cultural boundaries, Albert Cuevas & Sergi Nogues, aim to generate sensations, emotions as well as physically and mentally positive states.

Proud to have Zen-Sations Sergi and Albert exhibiting at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair, an endeavour that unfolds amidst an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm, is a by-product of the work undertaken by its creators, who are of a curious and versatile nature. A must-see at the Art Fair that will encourage you to experiment with and to take part in this lively project, which mirrors natures strength and energy.


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