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John Josimo Paterson, the proud “Best GAA Global Artist” Winner 2013

The GAA Awards give well-deserved recognition and acknowledgement to the hard-working and outstanding artist. The biannual GAA Awards competition is hosted on the Facebook page of the Global Art Agency, and is open to all artists & galleries around the world. From the top 20 most voted entries -by the public- One winner gets chosen by Curators, and Guest Judges. Winners get Awarded with great promotion, press, trophy and free exhibition participation in one of our Art Events.

The Global Art Agency Awards Winter 2013, have just been held at the Vienna Showcase Art Fair. From over 300 entries by great talented artists the Global Art Agency Team and Guest Judges announced the winner in front of a huge audience at the Palace of Schonborn.

vienna-showcase-237Proud to announce the Winner of the ‘Best Global Artist Awards’ Winter 2013: JOHN JOSIMO PATERSON, born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Living in Constanta, Romania. Presently working on a collection ‘the art of josimo’… Poetry & Art inspired by love and passion, through artist and muse… John says: “Simona is the female part of myself, my muse! Through the love we share do I find the inspiration to display my work with the inner most feelings and desires. My emotions transmit those feelings and are plainly represented in my work.”

As part of winning the Award, John will be exhibiting at the Oxford International Art Fair 7-9 February 2014 at the Oxford Town Hall, together with the Vienna Showcase Best Artist Award winner Souren Mousavi. Giving the Oxfordshire art loving crowd the opportunity to meet and greet the winners, to admire and to invest in their award-winning art.

P1040193“Creating art has always been a way of communicating for me. As a kid my drawings would always create a reaction, an excitement, a fascination. My ability to draw and paint would attract people to me, establish the friendliness and familiarity of a real connection, without the need on my part to talk and explain myself with too many words. Making an art work is an attempt to express, to connect, to be honest to myself.”

We asked John: ‘When the GAA Awards were announced did you have any expectations that you would win the competition?’ He said: I really didn’t wait for this, o.k somewhere in your mind you know what you produce is relatively to a high standard and maybe you deserve some credit, though there is so much variety of work from some very talented artists it is very difficult to put yourself up there on the pedestal.

As part of the winning prize you will be exhibiting in Oxford International Art Fair? How do you feel about this?
2014 takes me into my 2nd year of exhibiting in Art Fairs, it will be such a pleasure to be going there as one of last years leading artists.

Connect With John:

Come and see John Josimo Paterson who will be exhibiting at the Oxford International Art Fair 7-9 February 2014 at Oxford Town Hall.



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One comment on “John Josimo Paterson, the proud “Best GAA Global Artist” Winner 2013

  1. segmation
    November 22, 2013

    What awesome art to share!

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