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Souren Mousavi, the proud Vienna Showcase Best Artist Award Winner 2013.

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At the recent Vienna Showcase Art Fair organised by the Global Art Agency, the winners were announced of the ‘Best Global Artist’ and the ‘Best Vienna Showcase Artist’ Awards. They will be exhibiting at the Oxford International Art Fair 7-9 February 2014 at the Oxford Town Hall. Giving the Oxfordshire art loving crowd the opportunity to meet and greet the winners, and to admire and buy their award-winning art.

Global Art Agency, Curators, and Guest Judge Werner Szendi (famous for his healing art), were happy to announce the Vienna Showcase Best Artist Award to a very special lady: Souren Mousavi.

Profile PicSouren, born in Persia/Iran, now lives in Statford upon Avon in UK. She is an expressionist painter -who once was arrested and punished for her art and beliefs- is the proud winner of this great Art Award Trophy for Best Artist chosen from 150 Worldwide Exhibitors. We are happy to congratulate her, and to have a quick interview:


Breakout.jpg.65x51cms:Watercolour“I am an expressionist painter. My primary artistic subject is the female form. My work encompasses strong watercolours, distinctive oils and acrylics as well as drawings. Because of my personal history all of my work reveals a compelling journey of mind, body and spirit in my attempt to find peace and independence whilst at the same time contributing to the world of art. As an artist, I am influenced by Klimnt, Dali, Picasso and particularly Frida. They are my mentors…. not just the style of work but the way they lived and the influence they had.”

We asked Souren how she experienced the Vienna Showcase Art Fair, and what her favourite part was. She said: “This was my first experience of a GAA event and because of my artistic influences Vienna was an ideal location. Everything about the experience was wonderful. Art, culture and history were all drawn together in the best of locations. Winning the competition was a bonus but my favourite part was the exhibition day itself. Artists from all over the world bringing with them different styles and different messages and coming from different cultures but all with the same single passion…. a love of art.”

“Winning this award has given a huge boost to my confidence. Although I have often been shortlisted this is the first time I have won a competition, judged by professionals and measured against the work of others who I judged to be great as I walked round the exhibition. When you consider that I was once arrested and punished for my art and beliefs to now win an award and gain recognition is incredible. Since returning home I have been amazed by the messages of support and congratulations I have received. How wonderful to be seen and heard.”

Untitled.jpg.65x51cms:Watercolour“I am very excited to be able to take part in another GAA event the Oxford International Art Fair, particularly as it is Oxford. Having fought so hard to become British it’s amazing to now have the opportunity to exhibit in one of the UKs most famous historic locations. Oxford is known around the world for its academic excellence and artistic culture. I hope to see many of the friends I made in Vienna and to once again have the chance to meet new artists and share experiences with like-minded people.”

Connect with Souren:
Twitter: @sourenmousavi
Facebook: Souren Mousavi Facebook Page

Souren Mousavi will be exhibiting at the Oxford International Art Fair 7-9 February 2014 at Oxford Town Hall. We like to invite you to come and meet & greet, to admire and perhaps to also invest in her award-winning artworks!


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