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Rosslyn Duncan exhibitor at Oxford International Art Fair 2014

IMG_1555Rosslyn Duncan’s artwork depicts vibrant colour matched with a deep understanding of anatomy. In pursuit of her skills in drawing and painting, Rosslyn has studied with some of the most talented contemporary realist artists in the United States. Her most recent studies took her this summer to Seattle to study with Rob Liberace. She has also studied at Studio Incamminati summer workshops with instructors Stephen Early and Darren Kingsley.

Like most creative people I like to work on several projects at a time. I adore anatomy which has led me to study cadavers at St. Georges Hospital in London, where I have been teaching this year to post-graduate medical students techniques in art,and the relevance of anatomy to artists.My artwork is based on traditional atelier style of teaching but with a modern spin. I adore colour,brushwork and the medium of oil paint. After moving to the USA, I studied with a variety of contemporary realists from New York, Texas, Philadelphia and Seattle, and this has greatly improved my working methods.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork.
My artwork is mainly figurative. I love anatomy and this plays a vital role in my work.Like all artists I love to work on a variety of projects at once and use many different mediums. The two most important mediums I use are oil paints and charcoal as I can really extract the soul of the person I am studying with these materials. Portraits fascinate me but they must engage the viewer in order to say anything about life therefore most of my portraits are quite intense and in some cases quite difficult to live with.

Where do you get your inspiration?
IMG_1047I love history and this has led me down many a strange road. I recently have begun a collection of skulls ,human and animal from neo-lithic periods. This will eventually appear in my work combined with gold and silver foil and oil paint.I recently travelled to California to visit the tar-pits of L.A, where I observed the sabre tooth tiger skulls.There is a company called Bone Clones and they produce casts of skulls throughout history and this has led me to study facial reconstruction,anatomy and cadavers in London.


Can you tell us what you have going on at the moment?
At the moment I am preparing drawings from the dissection lab at St. George’s Hospital.These will eventually be used in an exhibition of drawings in red chalk which I will be exhibiting in May at the Wimbledon Art Studios Open Show. I am also exhibiting in my home town of Cobham at Forza ,an interior design company that sells furniture and kitchens for modern interiors. I am there featured artist for the next three months.
I am also exhibiting this year in New York at the Art Expo. Very excited about this venue as I have been asked to exhibit through my contacts in Italy. In London my next exhibition with a group of artists will be in March at the Candid Art Galleries.

77609_470273763684_7084748_oWho are your favourite artists?
Too numerous to mention but will try. Carravagio for his love of drama. To think that he painted those dramatic paintings from different angles with only candles as a light source blows me away.Lucien Freud for his brushwork and realism of raw humans. Gerard Richter, for his experimenting,Courbet,Tyman, Antony Gormley, John Currin, Michelangelo for anatomy & character and Rodin. Whistler, Turner, Bouguereau, Renoir, Van Gogh. Love em all.

What are your greatest achievements so far?
Specifically here in London ,would be winning the London Biennale in 2013 in Chelsea.This was a surprise and very humbling experience as there were so many artists from all over the world.Also being selected for an exhibition in New York.


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