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Peatree Bojangles, from romantic escapism, to a fever with style and symbolism. Exhibitor Oxford International Art Fair.

Self Portrait PhotoAt the Oxford International Art Fair 7-9 Feb 2014 at the historic Oxford Town Hall. You can expect a range of fine Art, photography, paintings, and sculptures by worldwide artists. Also the fabulous “Peatree Bojangles” will be exhibiting, who has a passion for pop culture, and fine art of digital imaging. This is an interview with Peatree Bojangles.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork? My artwork is inspired from pop culture, pulling itself directly from my intense obsession with film. Starting as quite the obvious romantic escapism, and slowly becoming a fevered obsession with style and symbolism. When I first started drawing, it was initially from comic books – my brother would buy them, I would steal them and then frantically draw. This love withered when I decided to become an animator. This was short-lived when I realized I didn’t have the acute patience needed to survive in that world. Returning to illustration, I began playing with digital work – always starting with pencil and a pad, and then moving onto Photoshop. I have recently begun to paint using acrylics, again the subject matter is mostly pop culture, and sometimes themed with animals or sex.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I am quite significantly inspired by looking through art blogs. I find gazing on others achievements force me to want to reach my own. It’s also nice to see what people are doing, where they are exhibiting etc. Artists I love the most are Dave McKean and Ben Templesmith – this is drawn from my initial love for comic books.

Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is?
I don’t really have a bucket list, because otherwise I find myself living in disappointment. A few things I’d like to achieve are quite small – have a few of my own exhibitions in London and one day hopefully moving to and living in Canada.

Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?
I once created a personal piece for British mathematical author Simon Singh. I was already a big fan of his, as I was half way through his book ‘The Code Book’, and have sine been reading ‘The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets’. Another gem. Other than that, I have created a poster for a Don’t Panic poster competition which I won, and then a few years later spotted it on an episode of E4’s The Misfits.

Would love to exhibit my work in …
This, again, follows my pop culture obsession, but I always wanted to see one of my illustrations in Graham Linehan’s ‘IT Crowd’ basement. As this series has now finished, my dream withers. Nonetheless, I’m sure there’ll be another Linehan produced show which features artwork, where I would be screaming to have my own. If this fails, I’d like to see my artwork on everyone’s living room walls. Achievable, I’m sure.




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