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Miro A Tomarkin; “Ling and Lang, the balance of the Nonsense and the Fundamental” Exhibitor Oxford International Art Fair 2014


Artist: Miro A Tomarkin
Born: in Munich Germany (as British citizen)
Grew up in Austria Switzerland
Lives in: London

Banquet Party (Artist’s Statement)
It shines, most pleasant, most of the days
Sometimes it rains, pours down
Being in that place, where the Ghosts of the Past dance with the Present and Future
Like insects in the warm evening summer sun.
This place is warm, bright, colourful and happy –
Sad, angry and desperate as well.
Where the Extremes hold a Banquet
Some people live over regulated lives – far away from that place.
I am watching them, hate what these rules represent, but also with envy
Most, including me
have been there.
The Muse isn’t –
As it’s the Parties’ Host!
At the Banquet I’ll be!
© MiroAtlamechoTomarkin

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?
My art is the attempt to tell a story / from my own life- and things that move me. Often one of my Poems trigger off the Idea for a Painting or vice versa. Most of my Work is Oil on Canvas as I just love oil colors the best. The themes are mostly socio- political, satirical and of course sometimes just Beauty or Ugliness within our world we live in.

What drives you?
My head and heart is bursting with ideas, which I then have to put on canvas, paper or into the computer. It’s a natural urge to create (to me).

It is basically:
Telling a story as I see it, thus create a space for reflection, thinking and sometimes discussion. It might sound cheesy but it is genuine a drive – to tell stories and provoke thought / discussions or bring across feelings (deep in my heart, I hope through the arts to help -in my own tiny way- making the world a better Place….

What is your definition of art?
Not in a BOX ! I detest some of the jargon that found its way into the art world – which is alienating large parts of our society and is self indulgent ‘crap’ – again I tried to nail this with a reminiscent sounding ‘parody’ of my ‘own Art Slang’:

Ling and Lang ( grown on my own Compost)
Ling and Lang, the balance of the Nonsense and the Fundamental – Fabric of the satirical compost, with the estranged meaning of the radical endorsement of the coalition between the spoken and the visual……..

Where do you get your inspiration?
From my own past – Present – People around me – moods – humor – my own past – live (my own and other peoples) anything inspiring or moving me in a positive or negative way – Beauty and Ugliness around us.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?
For me there is only one way – up!
Being down, crushed to the floor
All logic out of the window
There will be always an opening door
No matter how they try to stop you, by hammering fast and slow
I know deep in my heart, holding on is, what makes me keep knocking that door
Which one may call – the entrance to UP – to the top of the rainbows peak
But as steady as the earths ground
I walk UP and UP – no matter what may come
Seeing and hearing that sound
Fleeing UP wards, is like – returning after a hard journey – into one’s cosy home
It can be done with G_d’s grace, even with both feet on the ground
What would that be
When I come to flee
Up to the place
Where the hunted become hunters
I continue to flee
Higher above where there’s no hunting
But things are arranged,
No need to bash
Crush and crash
Then I’ll be there.
On top of this life
Next stage will one day come
Then I’ll knock again and do not stop
Until I am in heavens top
Fleeing up in this life
Thereafter as well
This is Victory’s lovely smell
© MiroAtlamechoTomarkin

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
I am a member of the London Boroughs Panel ‘Landmarks’ in the allocation of bursaries to Landmark Projects within the London –Borough of Barking and Dagenham as part of a three year project to lift up the Areas appeal and attendance in the ARTS. We’ve been given (as a total sum ) £ 830’000 to fund ideas and projects from which we think will benefit the Borough in the long run and raise the profile as an Art destination. I also attend the meetings of the cultural connectors – going hand in hand as part of the Program.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
Never – it is evolving and growing

Which are your favorite artists?
Marc Chagall
Van Gogh
Alberto Giacometti
Bettina Wegener
Hannes Wader
Dominik Plangger

Best exhibition ever participated in…?
Best solo Exhibition: The Growing Poem of LOSS in East London “The Gallery”

Best Art Fair:
Vienna Showcase 2013 (by the Global Art Agency) – I loved the AMBIENTE and the ‘fallout/aftermath’ an event like this can bring to an artist’s career.

Greatest achievements so far…?
Being taking seriously as an Artist

Would love to exhibit my work in?
New York

Twitter: @mirotheartist
Facebook: Miro-Tomarkin


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