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3rd Prize winner Best Artist Award Liviu Mihai – Oxford International Art Fair

1897700_426918527439801_1846294814_nLiviu Mihai, born in Slatina Town, Romania, living in Bucharest exhibited at the Oxford International Art Fair curated by the Global Art Agency. Liviu who graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, impressed the judges of the Global Art Awards 2014 with his artworks of juxtapositions elements of the human figure and his fascination with this. Liviu describes; “its not anatomically, but psychologically and socially. Many times I try to represent the abstract through material forms that at first sight are not recognizable, but after a closer look become more real.”

The Queens Vice-Lord Lieutenant Mr John Harwood had the pleasure to crown Liviu as the 3rd prize winner of the Oxford International Art Fair Best Artist Award 2014.

This is an interview with Liviu Mihai.

What are you -and your art- famous for?
I think art lovers and people in general appreciate the fact that I can express myself easily in multiple ways, such as drawing, painting and installation. But often critics and people appreciate the most a certain expression of the forms and some specific topics which focus either in drawing or painting.

How did you experience the Oxford International Art Fair 2014?
For me the OIAF was very pleasant as artistic and cultural event but also from the point of view of the tourist. For me was the first time I arrived in Oxford. It was a great experience where we had the opportunity to meet talented artists, a great place Oxford Town Hall, but the biggest gain is that we have gathered together so many artists and I could make a cultural and artistic exchange through our works. We all gave a unique and complex art show.

What was your favourite part of the Art Fair?
I most enjoyed the moment when I was announced as one of the winners 🙂

When the GAA Awards were announced did you have any expectations that you would win the competition?
I did not expect to win anything, it was a more than pleasant surprise. I thought however that the jury will have a very difficult time to choose the three winners, considering that there were so many talented artists.

How has winning the GAA Awards changed your life, so far…?
For me to win this award means a great encouragement and confidence that people appreciate what I do. I guess I’m lucky

What has been the most remarkable thing happened in your art career so far?
I think the most important moment for me as an artist was in 2011 when I returned after a period of stagnation, with a personal exhibition in Bucharest which had much success. It was a moment of return after several years of absence, a moment that brought me back to art.

What are your next plans in your art career?
I have many ideas and many targets to achieve artistically, but for now I keep working and researching as I did until now and I hope to soon have a personal exhibition in London.

Any final words?
Thanks GAA for the prize, to the organizers and those who stopped for a moment to see my artworks.

To invest in Art by Award winning artist Liviu Mihai, go to his website: And connect with him on Facebook: Liviu Mihai Art


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