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Hayley Murphy 2nd Prize Best Artist Award Winner – Oxford International Art Fair 2014

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Hayley Murphy from Manchester, UK is a 3rd year Visual Arts student at The University of Salford. She impressed the judges at the recent Oxford International Art Fair 2014 by her artwork creations and installations. Using dissolvable fabric, Hayley stitch layers upon layer of thread onto the fabric using different techniques of sewing to create varies moods and emotions. She then places the fabric into water, dissolving the material to reveal only the thread drawing and the memory of the process. Her work is inspired by memories, escapism and storytelling.

This is an interview with Hayley Murphy, 2nd Prize Best Artist Award winner at the Oxford International Art Fair 2014 by Global Art Agency.

The Oxford International Art Fair was my 3rd public appearance exhibiting my work to the public. I throughly enjoyed the experience and gained some highly positive and encouraging feedback both from the public and the other artists about my work.

What was my favourite part of the fair?
As an emerging artist and as I am shortly soon to graduate from my art degree I appreciate any feedback and it was very encouraging to gain such an overwhelmingly positive response of praise.

I sold a couple of works at the fair and have had some email interest works that were on display at the fair after the event.

When the GAA awards were announced did I have any expectation of winning an award?
When my name was called out to reveal that I had won 2nd prize best artist I was completely overwhelmed and was not expecting to win an award. This is my best career achievement to date and am delighted that others recognise and appreciate my work.

How has winning the GAA award changed your life so far?
As I am beginning to establish myself as a professional artist, winning the 2nd best artist prize at the fair has hugely helped raise my profile and gave me the confidence to really try and establish myself as an artist and to believe in myself.

What has been the most remarkable thing to happen in your career so far?
In the past 12 months I have won ‘Outstanding Artist Award’ at The Holmfirth Art Market in West Yorkshire and more recently ‘2nd prize Best Artist Award’ at The Oxford International Art Fair.

What are your plans in your art career next?
My plans are to continue to prepare for my degree show in June 14, continue to sell and exhibit at art fairs and ultimately try and exhibit my work into various galleries around the UK.

I was thrilled just to be accepted and chosen to exhibit at the fair let alone to win 2nd prize best artist!!!!!

Twitter: _Hayleymurphy
Tumblr: Hayleymurphy1989


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