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Lucas Gabellini-Fava Best Global Artist Award Winner voted by the public 2014

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beeLucas Gabellini-Fava (16) from London, UK won the GAA Best Artist Award voted by the public with 144 votes. The competition was hosted on the facebook page of the Global Art Agency, and over 85 artists participated. Lucas was the number 1 most voted artist with his artwork titled “Bee Keeper”.

Art has been part of Lucas life for as long as he can remember. Lucas manipulate a lot of my images digitally, but also works with using analogue mediums such as the darkroom.

This is an interview with Lucas Gabellini-Fava Best Global Artist Award Winner 2014.

What are you (and/or your art) famous for?
I would say that my most used theme in my artwork is to take away the identity or the faces of my subjects. Every time I exhibit my work, I always get questions about this. It is part of an old concept that I used when I first started making art. When I first started taking photos and making art, I quickly realised that people were always drawn to the eyes in a portrait. I wanted to change this, because I felt as though people were not taking other aspects of the portrait into account. I decided that by removing the eyes or head of a person, the viewer would have more freedom to look around the image and perhaps into it’s initial concept. A lot of my new concepts seem to start with the same idea, but I am slowly moving away from it.

How did you experience the Oxford International Art Fair 2014?
It was really great learning experience for me. I met a lot of great people that enjoyed my work, and I had long talks with them. I always find it interesting to meet new people that are interested in what I do. I spoke a lot of people that recommended a lot of artists that I might like, and I have even kept in contact with some of the people I met.

What was your favourite part of the Art Fair?
My favourite part was meeting other artists and other like-minded people. I was also incredibly happy to receive my award. It was an amazing moment! I was very grateful to receive my award and I think that the experience helped grow me as a person.

When the GAA Awards were announced did you have any expectations that you would win the competition?
I had received the most votes from the public, and I knew that, but receiving the award still came as a shock to me. It was an amazing feeling to receive my first award on that stage.

How has winning the GAA Awards changed your life, so far…?
I’ve received a few emails from different people and companies asking me to take part in various projects.

What has been the most remarkable thing happened in your art career so far?
I get excited about things very easily, so I’ve got quite a long list really. I would say winning the GAA award has been one of the most important things to happen to my art career so far because I feel like it has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me.

What are your next plans in your art career?
I don’t really work with a plan, as I think it’s too early in my career as an artist to plan that far ahead. I’m just going to see where my art takes me. I still have to finish school, and then I am hoping to get into an art university and study fine art and photography. Hopefully, after that I can start planning my career!

Any final words?
I just want to thank the Global Art Agency for giving me this life changing opportunity, and of course my family for being so supportive.


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