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Queen Art Studio at the Rotterdam International Art Fair 12-13 September 2014 de Laurenskerk

Rotterdam International Art FairQUEEN ART STUDIO will be exhibiting at the Rotterdam International Art Fair. Maria Grazia Todaro Gallery Art Director says: “In our gallery, Queen Art Studio, hospitality and good Italian art are in first place, but also works by leading international artists or works from private collections ARTISTS historicized VERY important.”

Queen Art Studio has been proud to represent talented artists from around the world, helping them achieve success in one of the most exciting, dynamic and challenging areas of the global art scene. Through strenuous and proactive publicity and Rotterdam International Art Fairpromotional efforts, the gallery gives artists the opportunity to present their work to the world in the heart of International Art views.

The person in charge is Curator Dr. Maria Grazia Todaro, President of Queen Art Studio, Art Director and Art Critic, Organization and Control Manager in the context of public and private cultural organizations, at present manager for pavilion of Italy in SCORPIONEWORLD WIDE ART – WWALA FAIR Los Angeles. Maria says: “Gallery representation is offered to talented artists at every stage of their career, who benefit from showing their work in this vibrant area of the art world and from the PR campaigns carried out by our experienced team. Acceptance is granted only to those whose work qualifies, on the basis of a portfolio review carried out by QueenArtStudio.”

The Gallery is dedicated to showcasing pieces that inspire and move people in unexpected ways. The art pieces that are on display at the gallery are of all disciplines of fine art. Sculptures, paintings, photography, and mixed media compose the collections in The QueenArtStudio Gallery. Maria says: “With so many eclectic pieces of art in one place, the Rotterdam International Art FairGallery appears to be more like a museum than an art gallery. Visitors who enjoy all types of fine art and can also appreciate beauty in pieces that are more understated, will greatly adore their time visiting our Gallery.”

“In 2014/15 there is a rich program of Exhibitions and events already planned like in the Principality of Monaco in April, in Art Fair Rotterdam in September at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in October, and new destinations as Miami, London, Dubai, Zurich, Barcelona, NY, Brussels, Berlin and are in agenda, other prestigious international locations.”

Rotterdam International Art FairThe prices of the artworks available from the gallery range from 300 euro– 10,000 euro, although they also have several sculptures that range from 5,000-25,000 euro.

Maria says: “The concept of the gallery is focussed on the contemporary art, which reflects a wide range of materials, media, and technologies, as well as opportunities to consider what art is and how it is defined. Artists today explore ideas, concepts, questions, and practices that examine the past, describe the present, and imagine the future. In light of such diversity, there is no simple or singular way to define contemporary art. Often recognized for the absence of a uniform organizing principle, ideology, or label, contemporary art can often seem Rotterdam International Art Fairoverwhelming, difficult, or so simple that the viewer might wonder if they are missing something. Perhaps the most helpful defining characteristic is the most obvious: contemporary art is the art of today.”

At the Rotterdam International Art Fair they are exhibiting the unique pieces of Artists of National and International fame, but also to talented emerging. The exhibitors are: Anastasiya Dardelin , Antonio Santucci, Anneke van der Zwaag, Bady Essid Jaballah, Brigitte Pruchnow, Costantino Piazza, Cristina Castellani, Edyta Wachowicz, Enio di Stefano, Francesca Giacomazzi, Fiorenza Orseoli, Francesco Nucciotti, Ferruccio Pecchioni, Genesio Carnevale, Giuseppe Marcotti ,Greta Catellani, Habiba Zouabi, Ida Luzzi, Isabelle Andervol, Lidia Bobbone, Lisa Beneventi, Mariella Costa, Marta Fiorentini, Monica Tavarez, Nani Marcucci Pinoli, Nicola Morea, Nicola Andreace, Noemi Mortella, Orhan Rashtana, Paola Caporilli, Patrizia Lanzafame, Samanta Lai, Simona Petruskaite, Sergio Maria Corazza, Simonne Chevalier, Siro Polazzetto, Valeria Lilith Finazzi, and Veronica Vecchione. 

Maria continues: “We expose all the artistic techniques the class of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, visual installations, graphics,and others, that focus on the creation of works which are primarily visual in nature. Visual Arts that produce three-Rotterdam International Art Fairdimensional objects, such as sculpture and architecture, that are known as plastic arts. The current usage of visual arts includes fine arts as well as crafts.”

Come and visit the Queen Art Gallery at the Rotterdam International Art Fair 12-13 September 2014 de Laurenskerk.

The Gallery is to spread and promote the culture with particular reference to Contemporary Art Activity. It aims to organize exhibitions and art events, shows, contests exhibitions and cRotterdam International Art Faironferences, national and international artistic exchanges, In the context of artistic event: General organization of the event Selection and care of the works on show Presence of collectors Presence of art experts (critics, curators, etc.)Drawing upon request of the critical text Graphic brochures / invitations that will be distributed in the event area Advertising exposure on the internet (social web), promotion of the Artist etc…

Art Director: Maria Grazia Todaro
35124 Padova- tel + 3346447738
email :


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