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Award-Winning “DraumList – Connecting Dreams” exhibiting at the BCN Art 2014, Casa Batlló.

DraumList (Jeroen Hindriks)Proud to have DraumList exhibiting at the BCN Art Fair 2014! DraumList won the 1st Prize at the Rotterdam International Art Fair 2014, amongst 200 other exhibitors the Jury and Curators of the organisation were impressed by the outstanding quality of the artworks that were represented.

DraumList founder Jeroen Hindriks explains: “DraumList is a playground with all kinds of artists who are focused on their art. The acquisition, promotion, sales, contacts, planning, marketing, etc. will be taken care of by me (Jeroen Hindriks, Agent & Promotor inside the playground…). Always from a creative perspective.

We continue in conversation and let Jeroen explain to us the details about DraumList and the artworks they represent:

“I’am agent and promotor of 11 artists, all with a different artform and/or technique/skill. I don’t create art myself and don’t have that urge, but I love a lot of different art. For instance: music, theatre, photography, animation, painting, movies etc.”

VisualizeAt the upcoming BCN ART 2014 The DraumList Presents four great artists:
Aqua Libra : Photographer
Dracorubio : Photoshop Artist
Mariëtte Schrijver : Photographer & Painter
Nico Brons : Photographer

Aqua Libra will exhibit a few of her confronting photo’s, Dracorubio will exhibit some artworks that shows his extraordinary skills and Mariëtte Schrijver en Nico Brons will be exhibiting photographic art that is made and created on a iPhone (no other devices were used).

When we asked what drives the DraumList Founder he answered:
”Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child”. Ron Wild.

“My vision on life is doing only things you like. That sounds easy, but is sometimes damn difficult. But it’s the reason why I started DraumList. I want to thinks I like and I just love art! And not one artform in particular, but all kinds of artforms. I want to promote great artists with passion for their art and creativity. And I want to connect people and working together, share thoughts etc and making each other stronger on that way. By doing this promotion I hope to make artists and audience a little bit happy and bring positivity.”

DraumList will be exhibiting at stand number #C11 Make sure you visit and say hello! Or better to invest into an Art piece, now that the rising stars of DraumList still may be affordable…


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