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Marcus Yau: “Perfection is boring… aren’t we all beautiful because of our imperfections?”

Profile PictureMarcus Yau, Artist and Photographer welcomes us to his world when he will be exhibiting at the BCN Art 2014 – Barcelona International Art Fair at the Casa Batlló, modernist building designed by Gaudí. Marcus has been one of the lucky artists that has been selected to exhibit his artworks along with 150 other artists from over 30 different countries.

Marcus Yau (Hong Kong) 20 this year. At a young age, his mother introduced him to the visual arts, and his father introduced him to photography.

Through sharing my art, I hope to let the world know how I see things, while searching for beauty within mundane moments in our lives.


What drives you?
The constant support of my family and friends is the really engine behind this vehicle. Without them, I wouldn’t have come this far. Their support means a lot to me, and each time I take out my camera, I always have them in my mind. They shape all my definitions of beauty. Another motivation is simply the hunger of finding the moment – this moment doesn’t have to be special and out of the ordinary, I can notice it anywhere, at any given time. If something in my mind is telling me to take the picture, I do, and that becomes one of the moments. I am quite unpredictable in that sense.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I find my inspiration everywhere. My photographs are merely moments that I find valuable enough to me to instigate the pressing of the shutter. I could be walking down a street, and if there is a moment that I feel is worth documenting (could be the lighting conditions, or simply a specific mood and taste in the air that I would like to remember), I take the picture. I think as an artist, you must let everything in life inspire you – even the daily rituals and the mundane should inspire us. The world is amazing as it is – but photographers just seem to read between the lines, and notice things that others might not pay attention to, or simply take for granted.


Where do you see your art going in ten years?
I would probably be still taking film photographs because I am so in love with the texture of these things. Film is timeless, and it always is going to be. In ten years I would probably have matured a lot compared to who I am now. If I extrapolate the question, the goal that I set for myself would be to use my own artistic talents to cause a positive change in the world. In other words, making people smile: I feel like happiness is ultimately, the best gift that you could ever give to someone, and that’s what I aim to do. My life motto, I’d say.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
Since moving to London to study architecture, I started taking large format film photographs (4×5”). Starting photography from a very young age and by travelling a lot with my parents and my brother (as we all love to explore different cultures), I have always stuck with the digital camera. Everything seemed easy – photography’s definition was suddenly reduced to a single press of the shutter. I had no idea what aperture, shutter speed, or even the ISO, and what it does to the image itself – but then of course I was too young to understand the significance of those things. The idea of photography just seemed like a press of a button.

After spending a couple of years with a digital camera, I felt as if digital photography was missing something – some kind of meaning and purpose. Returning to the roots of analogue photography, I was able to find a value in the image itself. Photography was no longer just a press of a button. It means a whole lot more.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
My work never comes to an end – whether it is a photograph, painting, drawing, or even a conceptual idea, I have gotten used to never saying that it really is a finished piece of work. I feel like if I start labelling my work as a completed piece, it’s just an easy way out to never look deeper into the ideas and concepts that I explore. Instead, I’d like to call all my work exhibited as a constant process of my growth and maturity. Nothing ever is finished, and it’s the imperfections that I think drive me to become better and better each day. In fact that I think perfection is boring… aren’t we all beautiful because of our imperfections?


“That is beautiful which is produced by the inner need, which springs from the soul.”
— Wassily Kandinsky

You can visit Marcus Yau at BCN Art 2014 at stand #C5.5

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Twitter: marcusyau13

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