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Diego Baigorri: “I think I’m a philosopher who paints or a visual artist who writes.”

Diego Baigorri - Profile PicDiego Baigorri, born in Las Parejas (Santa Fe) Argentina, living in Barcelona describes himself as a very inquisitive person, always looking for something new and new points of view for the daily things.

“Throughout the years I have been connected, by passion and personal determination, to what all humans do when they are children. I’m an artist, a self-taught and multidisciplinary artist. I’m in a continuous circle of inspiration and creative nutrition between visual arts, literature and music. My head never stops, surely you can find some evident brushstrokes of philosophy or alternative music in my artworks. This is a hard tied combo and the feedback between the different disciplines helps me with the artist’s block. I think I’m a philosopher who paints or a visual artist who writes. Nevertheless, I’m not producing day and night, I’ve short, prolific and intense periods of visual production. Usually I paint when my body requests me, when something burns inside me. For that ‘modus operandi’ I define myself like an ‘artist from the need’.

Diego Baigorri - 02 PleterWhat is your definition of art?
I think it would be impossible define what art is, but I think we can define the actions of art. And that action is defined by the artists and the context defines the artists. I think these three things are indivisible. So, we can say that the art is the decoding of the context, but, that decoding is showing us like she wants to be shown.

It’s like an accumulation of gas in a social atmosphere that always, for boredom or distraction, is poised to shut. So, this gas is compressed until the space is not enough and need to escape. Maybe someone found the escape and expressed it and leads it outside. This can be in many dimension, we don’t need talk about a global context, this can happen with a lonely hermit in a small room in the forest, or in his brain. The curious in the arts action is that the artist loves art, art loves the channels, and the context or art’s world loves stereotypes and tags.

So, I like to think the art is ‘nasty’ social gas seeking for a spark to explode, clean and illuminate the social thing… I like to think the art like a Socratic principle, I believe that the observer must awakening about the deep meaning of the ‘artwork’ and the arts action, to keep and stay stronger his point of view, change it slightly or… construct a completely new.

Diego Baigorri - 06 Lengua Universal (Barcelona)Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
Right now, I’m immersed in an important and full of energy artistic mutation period. This year has been a huge turning point in my life and career, I felt it was time to seek new horizons, was time to get out. I’ve sent a proposal to different institutions then I was selected to carry out art residencies, participate in international exhibitions and, the most important thing, I found great people that trusted in me and my work. So, I saw that the pieces began to fit. I moved to Europe because I understood that, now and here, I’ve a lot of things to explore and field to walk and grow. I hope that my hunch is correct.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?
I’ve a strong conviction that the art ends in the other, in the interpretation of the message that the artists want to communicate, in the ‘gas escape’ that I said. The changes in feelings and emotions of each person, the social interaction and the nature of the birth of an artwork are so fragile that it would be impossible to imagine. I believe that the main thing in 5, 10 o 20 years would be see my art going.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
Honestly? I don’t know, I feel that it’s never finished.

Come and visit Diego at BCN Art Fair at STAND #L7.2


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