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Sharon Lyn Stackpole (US) – “Before you think, you feel. Before you feel, you know.” That’s where I find my inspiration.

imageSharon Lyn Stackpole, 1969, living in West Virginia, United States is compelled to put herself into her own work, both literally and figuratively. Her work is often a diary or a narrative of experience. Art can be a way to work out the fourth wall of her life at times. She has found that when journaling or painting it is easier to work out ideas both abstractly and concretely, as if the addition of an extra dimension afforded all the extra perspective she needs. Creativity and problem solving come from the same places she explains.

I feel art and science are connected in much the same way that math and music are. I’d describe my artwork as being about communication, introspection, and connection.

This is an interview with Sharon Lyn Stackpole, exhibitor at the BCN Art Fair 2014.

image-3What are you looking most forward to at BCN Art 2014?
Being part of an international community of artists and creative minds! There are as many reasons to create as there are people on the planet: as many ways as there are to live, those many more views are waiting to be translated to canvas and sculpted into free form. At BCN 2014, many of those perspectives are going to emerge and shine. That is what I am gladly anticipating.

image-6What is your definition of art?
Art is another form of communication for me. It’s another way of looking at the world, speaking to it, and connecting with other people. Instead of words, I’m using colors and lines. I’m using a visual vocabulary. If I’m using art, I’m transcending individual languages and speaking directly from my soul to yours.

Words can be translated and changed in meaning from language to language, but images are pure concentrate. In an age when technological advances are the hallmark, art sustains itself by the vitality of the emotional response it can still evoke. It’s one of the last open and honest dialogues we have left.

image-4Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration is not something I exactly believe in; I make myself work every day, but that’s discipline. If I waited for inspiration to just show up and hit me on its own, I’d never create anything.
The inspiration is something I find anew in the work somewhere after my morning coffee, but it is also within myself. As I go along, I find that though my hands and eyes are trained there’s something more also, a subconscious instinct or a will that I need to go along with. If I do, then the work will come easily, almost effortlessly.

It has something to do with self belief, and love, and trust.
My sons have had a saying for years, which I love: “Before you think, you feel. Before you feel, you know.”
That’s where I find my inspiration. It’s in my center.

How do you deal with artist’s block?
After I left art school, I was unable to paint or draw for almost a decade. I found myself paralyzed by the blank page. It intimidated me. The infinite possibilities of merely beginning the conversation rendered me speechless.

I forced myself to begin drawing again in 2004, after I had my pacemaker implanted. I started to draw my way back out of the cage in which I had locked myself. I have been creating on a daily basis ever since.

I start by destroying the blank page immediately, on purpose. I pour my cup of coffee across it, slash it with a loaded paintbrush, or otherwise subject it to an intentional accident. This begins the trajectory.
After that, I have a path. I have something with which I can work. There’s a big difference between starting out with nothing, or making something work out of what you’ve got. Between the two, I’ll choose the latter. Give me a pencil and let me fill in the rest. Anything is preferable to just standing there until my heart stops beating. I was there once. I won’t do it again.

Come and See Sharon’s Art at the #DAS Booth at BCN Art Fair 2014.

Twitter: @sharonlyn9

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