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A preview of the Barcelona International Art Fair 2014 with exhibitor Bilyana Cincarevic


“Bilyana Cincarevic (1975) spending her time between Belgade (Serbia) and New York City (US), Her artistic expression bring a fresh and interpretative spirit to chosen genre Modern Realism. Bilyana’s recent body of work, engages the observer to reflect on contemporary feminine spirituality as well as church administration and religious hypocrisy. Her art philosophy and art conversations represent opinion of the interconnectedness between feminism and religion.

Bilyana Cincarevic is a recognized public figure in Serbia, where by using her status of a celebrity artist, she engages socially and politically in order to achieve various humanitarian goals. She lives and works between Belgrade and New York.” – Gorazd Poposki, MC Gallery New York, gallery owner

Punkgirls120x150cm oil on canvasBuilding on the success of the Global Art Agency’s previous art events, the next edition of the Barcelona International Art Fair “BCN ART 2014″ will take place on 12-13 December 2014 at Gaudí’s architectural treasure Casa Batlló, is the most emblematic work of the brilliant Catalan architect. The Barcelona International Art Fair opens Friday, December 13th with an exclusive VIP programme. Saturday is the exhibition free to visit.

This is a preview of the Barcelona International Art Fair 2014 with exhibitor Bilyana Cincarevic.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?
I am, above all, an awakened citizen of the world. An artist and activist. Through activism I engage for human rights and social progress. Through my artwork, I present the nature of contemporary woman – from erotic to spiritual – using female figure as the main expression in my paintings. Through my conceptual artwork, I examine the relationship between religion and feminism, and provide a criticism of religion and its hypocrisy.

Little Eva-oil on canvas(60x80cm)What drives you?
What drives me is beauty and craving for life, as well as problems that seek to be solved. These are the main triggers of the creative energy in me.

What are you looking most forward to at BCN Art 2014?
BCN art 2014 presents the classical art: painting, sculpture, art photography, and mixed media works. I am happy to take a part in this art fair and to present my work to a broad public. The participation in BCN art 2014 will contribute my work in the world art scene.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
I am working on an art performance, which focus is the relation between religion and woman. This is an important topic since my performance aims to present a rigid attitude that religion has towards woman. The purpose of my performance is to present the change in the relationship religion-woman that I desire to see. I plan to present my performance first in Belgrade in April 2015 and later in New York too.

Greatest achievements so far…?
I gave a lecture, and present my exhibition, on feminism and activism at Massachusetts University in Boston, USA. I take this as my greatest achievement so far.

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Come and visit Bilyana at STAND #C5.6



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