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Gehad ‘Gee’ el Shaikh: “Storytelling is a passion of mine, through words and through artwork.”

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devart tenguGehad ‘Gee’ el Shaikh (Egypt), has been selected to take part at the BCN ART 2014 – Barcelona International Art Fair. Having lived nine years in Japan and now more than half her life in Egypt, her home country, Gehad still considers Japan to be of her greatest influence, specially through her artwork. Having lived through two completely different cultures, with some contradicting ideas of life and societal construct, she continues to strive for harmony from her two parallel lives.

Gehad’s mythology has always been a main theme in her artwork, for aesthetic reasons as a child and for historical and storytelling significance when she was a child. The stories of creation and everyday fables interested her, and how societies found solutions to problems they couldn’t explain. Mythology revealed much about the history of humans and how they dealt with the environment around them. Gehad tries to use mythology in her own life to make sense of difficult personal situations of euphoric sensations. Her art revolves around fantastical creatures and surreal environments while trying to bring an element of realism to the pieces.

“It is always such a pleasure knowing there are people who share and understand the same passion and fire you also have when it comes to creating artwork.”

whereisitMy inspiration stems from nature and science, and how different civilisations have translated them into mythology and fiction. Storytelling is a passion of mine, through words and through artwork.

When I suffer art block, I try to recharge creativity by looking at other people’s work, whether it is a novel, a movie, or other artwork for inspiration. It is best for me though to look at nature, because there wouldn’t be the concern of copying someone else’s ideas.

Sometimes I will feel like an artwork is completed, then look at it five years later and realize I could do so much more with it. A completed artwork will always be a state of mind rather than a fact. Any piece can continue to evolve.

I would love to exhibit my work in Japan, maybe even as a collaboration with a Japanese artist.

Come and see Gehad at Stand #E3.4

Twitter: @OhEmGee56

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