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“A sudden success arose” – Glenn Bracke – ‘Shopping in Paris’ – Oxford International Art Fair

Shopping in Paris - Oxford Int Art Fair

“Shopping in Paris” award-winning art piece by Glenn Bracke

Glenn Bracke OIAFGlenn Bracke – Belgium, Brussels was born in a family of silk screen printers in March 1970. During the Seventies, silk screen printing and design became very popular amongst many artists, Andy Warhol being one of the most important. Glenn was inspired by this movement and decided to study silk screening and photography. Soon Glenn developed his personal printing style and techniques and opened his first silk screen printing company, called “Glenn Tex”, specialised in full color T-shirt printing.

His passion for art and photography led him to the creation of powerful studies of personalities such as Bryan Ferry, Randy Jones, Shaggy, Eros Rammazotti and Nile Rodgers .Glenn started as well experimenting with divers techniques all related to photography. The eye of the photographer captures images which are at a later stage transformed into Phot Art Painting, a mixed media technique.

artist Oxford Int Art FairThis experimental phase has inspired Glenn to create a number of unique collections of art, some of which were exhibited in 2014 at Art Style Gallery in Knokke-BE. In May 2014 Glenn presented his art work during the Cannes Film Festival, exposing a truly stunning and imaginative study of screen icon Grace, coinciding with the Official opening of the Festival and Première of the movie Grace. A sudden success arose with “Shopping in Paris“.

During Summer 2014, Glenn participated in a contest for Young artists through the cultural emissions Cobra of the Belgian National Television Channel. Glenn’s work “ Shopping in Paris “ was nominated amongst 700 candidates of which ten nominees have exposed the winning artworks during September in M Museum in Louvain-BE. At Barcelona International Art Fair, Glenn was awarded Best Winter Artist 2014 with “Shopping in Paris”.

Currently Glenn is working hard on his new project labelled – Bones – strongly related to the Cleanup of the Ocean and resulting in a fascinating set of bronze sculptures encompassing different techniques to be launched officially by March 2015 in Oostende.

We asked Glenn a few questions, about winning the Best Global Art Awards voted by the public in Gaudi’s Casa Batllo – at the Barcelona International Art Fair 2014 (BCN Art 2014).

STUDI 54When the GAA Awards were announced did you have any expectations that you would win the competition?

My expectations were high since I won the Cobra Award 2014 allowing to expose my work in the Museum M in Louvain – BE

What are you (and/or your art) famous for?
Black & White pictures Tilt Shift.

You visited the BCN Art Fair how did you experience this, and hearing winning the Awards?
It was the confirmation of my artwork Photo Art Painting within an international art scene.

How has winning the GAA Awards changed your life, so far…?
This award generated extra drive and belief in my artwork!

YELLO Oxford Int Art FairAs part of the winning prize you will be exhibiting at Oxford International Art Fair? How do you feel about this?
I consider this a recognition on the one hand and an opportunity to exhibit in a highbrow Oxford environment and close to the London Art world.

What are you most looking forward to exhibiting in Oxford?
Meeting the right people at the right moment with the right artwork.

Why do the locals in Oxford have to come and visit your stand and buy your artworks? Why are they unique? Locals will tell you….

What has been the most remarkable thing happened in your art career so far?
Winning two prestigious awards in one year!

Yello Oxford Int Art Fair JWhat are your next plans in your art career?
The launch of my art project “ Bones “, a series of bronze sculptures emitting a message for society?!?

Any final words?
Stay with me – fasten your seatbelts !!!

Come and Visit Glenn at stand #156 in the Main Hall at the Oxford Town Hall, at the Oxford International Art Fair 6-8 February 2015.

Glenn Bracke – Belgium, Brussels
Facebook: glennbracke Photo Art



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