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“That burn, that desire to create has been with me since I was a child…” – Bernard Pearson, exhibitor Oxford International Art Fair 2015

Oxford Art Fair

An interview with ‘Oxford International Art Fair’ exhibitor Bernard Pearson:

“I live and work in a small sleepy market town in the depths of Somerset. Surrounded by cats with my best friend and partner, Isobel I create just what takes my fancy. I make what to me is not ‘great art’ but it is art. It is considered, thought out, loved and hated and all those emotions in-between that go to making up the creative process.”

“My work is constructed from torn or cut card layered one upon the other. It’s like looking at clouds, you see the image within a random texture and develop it with shape and colour. Although abstract in nature I develop shapes within the piece that becomes focal points within the composition and give structure to the design. It’s all down to that intimate dialogue that the artist has with their work.
The result is a creation that has real depth, not a picture, nor a sculpture, something in-between, something very original.”

himself in pensive moodWhat drives you?
“That burn, that desire to create that has been with since I was a child. It has changed but not diminished. As age creeps in an artist may lack the stamina but the years and experience gained grants cunning and skill.”

Where do you get your inspiration?
“Inspiration is everywhere, children have it, some artists strive for it, the cunning let it drift by like a dream riding the mist, then grab the blighter and wring out every last drop.”

Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is?
“I have seen death in many guises. As a soldier, as a coroners officer, as a man who has lived through interesting times. Before I die I shall live another day and treat it like the blessing it is and if fate is kind, I shall still be creating.”

Oxford Art FairI know my artwork is finished when…?
“You know you could do just one thing more, just one, a tiny accretion and yet you don’t because something tells you inside your head to go away, make a coffee, light a pipe. Sometimes I wander about, look at the work upside down, in a mirror better still through the bottom of a glass, if after all that, my eyes tell me the work is not finished but my instinct tells me the job is done, then it is.”

Greatest achievements so far…?
“To scratch a living from my skills for close to forty five years. Sometimes earning lots other times earning less but always earning enough to keep the children in shoes, Isobel in brandy and me in tobacco.”

Come and Meet Bernard Pearson at the Oxford International Art Fair 6-8 Feb 2015 at the Oxford Town Hall

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