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Success for the Charity Gala and GAA Art Auction Raising nearly £6000 GBP for ‘MSF Doctors without Borders’ in the aid of ‘Act against Ebola’

IMG_3836Global Art Agency and organisers of ‘Act against Ebola’ have raising nearly £ 6000 GBP during the Charity Gala event and Art Auction at Blenheim Palace for ‘MSF Doctors without Borders’ on 30th January 2015.

Nearly 200 invited guests came through the gates of the magnificent Blenheim Palace, home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

Through the magical corridor the guest were guided towards the welcome area, where artworks up for auction, were displayed on easels. Glasses of champagne were poured, and live music was played by the vocal harmony group ‘the Lacettes’ and principal oboist of ‘Aurora Orchestra’.

After a browse around the raffle prizes and artworks, guests were guided to the Orangery for a delicious 3-course meal, whilst on stage BBC’s Bill Heine introduced the sequence of events for that evening, and the lovely BBC’s Kat Orman accompanied him. Money was raised throughout the evening with selling raffle tickets, playing games, and silent bidding on artworks and other lovely donated items on the iPads that were available on each table.

The moment for the live art auction took place after the main course, when Guinness Book of World Records for fastest talking person Sean Shannon opened the auction with an entertaining audience battle of fast reciting Hamlet’s “To Be Or Not To Be”.

IMG_3901The first artwork up for auction was Milly Martinou’s ‘Cosmic Energy’. Stewards showed the artwork around to the audience, whilst ‘Global Art Agency’ Director Joelle Dinnage spoke about the artworks giving more information about also the artist. Sean opened the auction with a starting bid of £ 60 GBP, and he worked hard to get an end bid of £ 680 GBP.

“A great start” said Joelle Dinnage.

Thereafter Paul Jordan’s “Oxford” raised £ 300 GBP. Followed by Joseph Falconer’s “Garden” for £ 380 GBP and last but not least John ‘Josimo’ Patterson’s “Submission” raised a fabulous £ 1100 GBP.

Emily Cant, a Doctor in training and instigator of the ‘Act against Ebola’ said: “I am very happy with the results”!

Furthermore artworks were auctioned on in the silent iBid auction, which raised almost another £ 500 GBP.

Live Auction Results:
John Josimo Patterson “Submission” £ 1100 GBP
Milly Martinou “Cosmic Energy” £ 680 GBP
Joseph Falconer “Garden” £ 380 GBP
Paul Jordan “Oxford” £ 300 GBP

Silent Auction Results:
Alexis Cole “No 5” £ 100 GBP
Jewel “Butterfly Bling” £ 75 GBP
Banu B Tillman “PhotoShoot” £ 85 GBP
Sharon Lyn Stackpole “Good Bye Girl” £ 110 GBP
Paul Jordan & Tom Shepard “Fighting Through The Mask” £ 100 GBP

We like to thank everyone involved, the guests, the ‘Act against Ebola’ organisation, and the Artists that donated the artworks. Thank you everyone for making this event possible and to raise so much money for charity.

We are looking forward to the next Charity event!


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