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Ala Leresteux: “my art is my way to make different concepts clearer” – Tokyo Art Fair exhibitor


Ala Leresteux international artist, with her roots coming from Lithuania. Ala believes that traditions and the very special spirit of her country are deeply affecting her art. At the moment she is not living in Lithuania but each time she feels a lack of inspiration or energy, she goes back to her home town, Vilnius.

Ala studied Philosophy in Moscow State University (MSU) which for ever changed her perception and gave endless range of themes for contemplation. After finishing university, she moved to Paris and, there, she understood that the best way to express her ideas is art. Going through many different techniques at the moment she is in love with ink pointillism.

“My art is my way to make different concepts clearer for me and to attract to them the attention of my spectators.”


Where do you get your inspiration?
My main source of inspiration is the feeling of mystery. The feeling that there is something more to our world, something that makes ones soul to feel longing for things beyond daily live.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
I am working right now on a new project dedicated to famous trees. Like the tree of Tenere – the loneliest tree in the world, which was for more than 300 years indicating the right way for lost caravans in Sahara desert and one day have been knocked down by a drunk truck driver, despite being the only tree in 400 kilometers range; or the great Banyan tree of Calcutta, one tree size of a forest. I would like to show that trees are alive beings with very interesting and heart touching personal stories.

AssemblagePoint_HDWho are your favorite artists?
René Magritte is one of the two artists who have had a special impact on me. Magritte is an inspiration to me in terms of intellectual search and desire to go beyond the visible reality. My second favorite artist, MK Escher, strikes me with his impeccable technique and innovative approach to the perspective. Both of these artists, in my opinion, worked directly with the unknown, with the primeval chaos, but treated it quite differently. Chaos and desire for order are for me a source of inspiration, I think every artist really creates only after throwing away all labels and definitions, one on one with the chaos.

Best exhibition ever participated in…?
The most interesting and challenging exhibition I ever participated was my personal exhibition in the Modern Art Museum of Moscow (MMOMA). I had very short time to prepare a full project. It was an interactive multimedia project with light, music and of course my works themselves, dedicated to evolution of thoughts, morality and perception of right and wrong. It was a challenging but amazing experience and hopefully I will be able to exhibit this project again in Asia.

Would love to exhibit my work in …
I would love to exhibit my works in Hong Kong during Art Basel. As well I would be very interested to participate in Venice Biennale as part of Lithuanian delegation because with all my travels I am starting to feel less connected to Lithuanian art stage and it saddens me. Biennale is a great way to connect with other artists, which I experienced while participating in Florence biennale.

Ala will be exhibiting at Tokyo International Art Fair at stand #063a

Facebook: EstudioDelErizoNoble

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