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Gregory Maroun and the creation of is the next step in the evolution of a renaissance man who’s business has been landscape design for 30 years – The Miami Art Expo 2015

Artist Gregory Maroun, born in Johannesburg, South Africa living in Redding, CT, USA will be exhibiting at The Miami Art Expo 19-26 June 2015 – A must visit!

This is an interview with
Gregory Maroun

Love-is-BlindGregory Maroun, a native of South Africa, is affectionately known as Boffa. While born in South Africa as a child, Gregory has lived all over the world. He eventually settled in the United States where he resides in Redding, Connecticut. A lover of art and all things beautiful, Gregory has used art as an avenue for expressing himself from a young age. More recently Gregory decided that it is time to share his art with the world. For Gregory it is not only about showing his art, but it is also the story behind each piece that brings it to life and gives it depth and meaning. The creation of is the next step in the evolution of a renaissance man who’s business has been landscape design for 30 years. Now his personal artistic creations are no longer his hobby, and his public artistic expressions are no longer limited to landscape design. As an artist Gregory utilizes a vast array of materials to create unique designs, pushing the envelope with his intricate, expressive paintings and hand-drawn images.

What drives you..?
My passions and emotions drive me. I am an emotional being; art is the best and safest way for me to express myself…I want to be heard.

What is your definition of art…?
Art is my expression of who I am and what I am feeling at the time. Art is a visual expression of what is going on inside my head and heart, and/or what I feel is going on inside the heads and hearts of people, in general. My art is detailed and complex, and I think that detail represents the complexity of our lives and how much we have to process in today’s world.

Lonely EyesWhere do you get your inspiration…?
I get my inspiration from interesting and beautiful things around me, both visually and emotionally. I love browsing through pictures absorbing ideas and images in my mind. When a feeling calls out to me I note that idea and may use it later for inspiration. Every image, every shape, every form talks to me. I play with my thoughts in my head in an image, or pattern, and then my pen and paper start that expression. My art feeds on itself. Once I start an idea or new piece the idea morphs into a new piece of art.

How do you deal with artist’s block…?
I deal with block, like I deal with most things in my life ‘HEAD ON’. The only way through block and stress is to keep working, drawing, painting, doodling and don’t stop until something sticks. Nature and meditation help. Support from the great people in my life continue to help me believe in myself.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?
I am sharing my art and watching my talent, passion, and expression of the world through my art be appreciated by many.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
I know a piece is done when I question myself if I think I need to do more. That is usually the sign that you are trying too hard and you are going to spoil the virginity of a creation if you keep going. I guess it is done when I ask myself what else should I do.

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