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Kuzma Vostrikov, founder of New York independent film company, known from over 50 film festivals, now turned Photographer exhibiting at The Miami Art Expo

Kuzma Vostrikov He started his art way as an editor and writer. Since 2007 he has been working as an producer and director in art cinematography field. In 2008 he founded an independent film company named Kuzmacinema

During 2008-2011 the company has produced four art movies that participated more than 50 film festivals around the world.
Since 2011 Kuzma Vostrikov has been working in experimental photography that is connected with social networks and psyhology. His long term art project called “The orange fertilization” is studying social connections through aesthetics and mass media psychology on Facebook. In 2015 Vostrikov creates the second part of the project.

Best Commissioned artwork ever year 1991 TIME of CHANGES in Europe SWEDEN Malmo Gallery Lehman ovners Ule and Brigitta Nero.

About Nikolai… 

Graduated from the Krasnodar Art College and also from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. Exhibited his work at major museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg, contributed articles to liberal press. and participated in numerous European art shows, organized a commercial tour in Sweden, exhibited in Austria, France, Italy, Spain and America as part of the Synthesis group, cooperated with renowned Moscow art venues: Guelman’s Gallery, TV-Gallery, the Manege, Fine-ART, etc.

At present time the artist is working on the series of 200 canvases to become a sequel to the “120 Days of Love” project, as well as an extensive project “Great Love!” being part of the “Che & Monroe” series.

The artist splits his time and projects between New York and Moscow.

Most important auction: Trokadero Paris France. Curator Vitali Pazukov. Book Postwar Russian Avangard. Curator Alla Rozenfeld. //

Kuzma Vostrikov is the son of Vostrikov Nikolai (Full name: Nikolai Dimitri Vostrikov Shenrok is also exhibiting at The Miami Art Expo. Nikolai was born 08/03/1949, Living in New York – Moscow

DSC_0020DSC_0022 (425x640)Would love to exhibit my work…?
At Guggenheim Museum New York USA. My happy place is warm seashore.

Why should people invest into my artworks?
Because they unique and compelling.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?
I’m working in metaphoric genre, biotropic art.

What drives you?
Desire to open new forms of expression.

What is your definition of art?
Art is an opportunity to increase limits of perception.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From falling in love again and again.

DSC_0013Where do you see your art going in ten years?
My art will be desirable like POP ART because I am inherited Andy Warhol FACE and our grandmothers born in same village

Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is?
Stop produce all bombs in the world.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
It is

Which are your favorite artists?
Paul Delvaux, Leonardo da Vinci.

Would love to exhibit my work in?
Guggenheim Museum NYC-best space for paintings.

Nikolai Dimitri Vostrikov Shenrok on Facebook:

Kuzma Vostrikov on Facebook


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