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“The act of signs in Maysha S is the result of a great creative energy that is channeled in the right track.” The Miami Art Expo


***** with Artist Maysha S *****


sleep in peaceMaysha S (1983) Living in Hamburg – “Reflections on canvas. Deep confessions materials. The act of signs in Maysha S is the result of a great creative energy that is channeled in the right track. Energy whose expressive power is clearly evident. Through its visual arguments Artist leads the bystander in what is a new reality. Works that seem to come from the depths, from the fires of hell in which Charon ferried them had, from the Styx thought of fascinating memory. Energy as a guideline for a new visual poetics that has Maysha S its maximum interpreter. Authentic trails of light, those painted by the artist. A light that destroys the darkness, the darkness defeats and wins his toughest battle against the shadows of human thought. The Artist makes us participants in the observer of those who are his most intimate secrets that reports on canvas. A canvas that becomes a new battleground where the winner is the strength of the feelings expressed by S. Maysha” – Salvatore R.

How would you describe yourself…? And your artwork…?
I want to make people happy with my Art. I want to invite the People to search my secrets in my paintings. I feel happy when I reach the feelings of the people.

Where do you get your inspiration…?
I get my Inspiration from Travelling through different Countries but also Life generelly inspire me. How do you deal with artist’s block…? Where do you see your art going in ten years…? I see my Art in ten years hopefully hanging in different well known Museums in the World. Also I see my Art mixed with different Medias too. Like Dance Performance and Sculptures. Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

I know my artwork is finished when…?
I feel that its finished

Would love to exhibit my work in …?
I really would like to exhibit my work in Moma one Day. That would be Great!

The Miami Art Expo

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