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Puerto Rico artist Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzalez “my Artwork is full of color reflecting positive energy” at Amsterdam International Art Fair

Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzalez born in November 1970, in a town called Aibonito in Puerto Rico.

“For me, Art and Poetry is a lovely way of expression. Where words of wisdom can be written, emotional words can be translated to sharing feelings and love with others, valuable moments and lessons to be held, Learn and Share with the world as well Art. With simplicity and thinking in everyday Situations words came out into to be seen. Authoring first book published Gentle Touch I, participation in World Poetry Movement, International Who’s Who in Poetry; Best Poets; American Who’s Who in Poetry; also in art books as Guide Leonardo 2011, participation in Art exhibits include Downtown Chiado Lisbon Portugal, Hotel Albons Spain, among others.”

Ilsa will be exhibiting at the Amsterdam International Art Fair 28-29 August 2015 at the Beurs van Berlage. We asked Ilsa a few questions about her artworks, and what visitors can expect to see from her.

How would you describe yourself…? And your artwork…?
I describe myself as a woman that loves what life has to offer and someone that channel ideas as well energy to make things happen and to do a change!! My Artwork is full of color reflecting positive energy, also so much expressions!!

What drives you..?
My expectations of life, I just have one life to live so I have to take advantage of it till I am alive!! Nature and Love

What is your definition of art…?
Is the expression of an emotion that the Artist want to share, it can be a mirror of image or a lesson of life.

Where do you get your inspiration…?
From the experiences and all around, Nature and Love

My happy place is…?
Anywhere I feel comfortable and near the ones I love and the things I love the most!!

Techniques I use to create my artworks are…?
Most of my work are in Acrilyc, Grafito, Charcoal, Oil Pastels

Amsterdam International Art Fair

Connect with Ilsa on Facebook: Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzalez


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