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“Art is a treatment. A therapy… But much better. Welcome! There are no insurance requirement here.” New York Artist Kuzma Vostrikov at Amsterdam International Art Fair

Amsterdam Art Fair

Kuzma Vostrikov, born and living in New York City will be exhibiting at the Amsterdam International Art Fair 28-29 August 2015 at the famous Beurs van Berlage in the heart of the centre. He started his art way as an editor and writer. Since 2007 he has been working as an producer and director in art cinematography field.

What is your definition of art…?

Art is a treatment. A therapy. The artist is the doctor as the surgeon, or the psychotherapist. But much better. Welcome! There are no insurance requirement here.

Where do you get your inspiration…?

I get it in my patients. And my main patient is myself. I’m like a crab have a lot of unnecessary mental extensions such as tentacles, legs, eyes, fears, doubts, which I want to discard, cutting them. And I would like to say after that “Well, life has begun” As soon as I hear my own problem, I know how to fix this problem of others through the photo.


What makes your art different than others…? 

When the father’s spermatozoon swam up to my mother, he whispered, ” I’m the best, you know. I’m very good. Take me! I love jokes and amusing games!” And then mother decided to become pregnant. I still hear an echo of this competition, when one billion of my brothers rustled in this pool. Thus, what makes my art different than others? My nature.

Why should people invest into your artworks…? 

Because my art like a bitcoin currency – kind of harvesting. The earlier you join to collect my photo, the more rich you will be. My orange jacket art and a new type of fashion therapy will be spread everywhere with social networks such as facebook or instagram. And it will help people to release their worries, being together with art.

What drives you..?

A driver? No? Art it is like a building construction. Aspiration to make space which will be cast in a special form. Giving to this form exact idea, the artist leaves a certain tag on the movement of time. And it drives an artist: being in a Universe timescale.

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Amsterdam International Art Fair


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