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Sameer Hazari at the Amsterdam International Art Fair 2015

Amsterdam Art Fair Sameer Hazari (1988, New Delhi) specialises in interactive fine art, colour theory and portrait making. Born in 1988 in a small town in Jharkhand, he completed schooling as a science student from Delhi and moved on to Bangalore to complete his B.Tech in Telecommunication Engineering whilst hosting his first solo exhibition at the Renaissance Art Gallery in 2009. Sameer pursued Masters on Fine Art from Middlesex University in London and returned to Delhi in 2011. Sameer has been actively blogging about his artistic progress, and has collaborated, exhibited and painted live at NH7, Escape Festival and Comic Con India to name a few. His work is also being showcased at IHC, Visual Art Gallery September 26-30 via TAD ARTs Pvt LTD. In the winter of 2014, Sameer participated in the Barcelona Art Fair at Casa Battlo. This year Sameer has showcased his works in Vienna in association with PAKS Gallery and will be exhibiting in Paris soon with more cities to follow.

Amsterdam Art Fair SameerSameer lives and works from his studio in Lado Sarai. He derives artistic inspiration from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Bridget Riley, Patrick Hughes and Salvador Dali. ‘My heart lies with the study of perspectives, entropy and metamorphosis and to create things that evoke dialogue between the art and viewer’ he says.

Sameer derives inspiration from daily life. Things that oppose each other and yet co-exist are things he finds most interesting. Sameer believes that his work is somewhat neo-indian. In a country where art is over-populated with mythological and religious depictions, his focus lies in painting the present and future. It is a refreshing change from the status-quo, a unique perspective on art. His work grows in scale and depth with every new theme

Sameer strongly believes in a seamless association between the artist and the viewer. He records the process of creation and shares the his audience on a regular basis. This has helped him foster an ever-growing viewership that enables him to be independent and stronger than ever. Today, Sameer is one of the most followed indian painters and you can sign-up to support and become his patron on his website. Sameer Hazari will be showcasing a few works from his anatomy-inspired paintings at the amsterdam air fair.
Twitter: @sameerhazari


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