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Aneela Fazal at The Oxford International Art Fair 2016

Aneela Fazal (Pakistan)


A contemporary artist from Portland, Oregon, best known for vibrant and heavily textured Contemporary paintings. She’s a born artist who never studied art, but has been painting since a very young age, she started painting in Oil at the age of 10. All her paintings tell a story of passion, sorrow and love. She depicts her feelings and thoughts onto canvas in a way that makes the viewer connect to her pieces in a personal way.

Q & A

How would you describe yourself… And your artworks…?

I am an eternal optimist; I thrive to find opportunities in challenges. My art is deeply inspirational, I put my heart and soul in my paintings, all my paintings tell a story in one way or the other.

Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is…?

Before I die I want to spread happiness one day at a time, one painting at a time and make a difference in someone’s life.


My happy place is…?

My happy place is when I’m in my art studio in beautiful Portland where I can translate my feelings and emotions onto a canvas and in turn have others connect to the pieces I create in a meaningful way.


What makes your art different than others…?

What makes my art different from others is I only paint when I’m inspired to paint or have a story to tell. Experiences and relationships give me inspiration to paint. It drives me to create pieces that invoke emotions. The best feeling is when people find their own experiences in the pieces I create. All my art pieces have a human connotation; sometimes it’s a set of pears representing a lifelong friendship or a hummingbird looking out the window towards the blue skies looking for peace and love.

I believe in Karma because…?

I’m a big believer in karma. Every experience we go through teaches us lessons, we are sent in this world to make a difference and what we put out there comes right back to us.


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