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Christine Walters at The Oxford International Art Fair 2016

Christine Walters (Born: USA / Living: UK)

Christine is a Performance Artist who paints the abstract of LIVE DJ music. She incorporates costume, themes, photography, video and mixed media into her work.


Q & A

Where do you get your inspiration?

Generally I get my inspiration from DJ music but lately my inspiration has been a combination of my own musical selections and current events.

Where do you see your art going in ten years…?

A lot can change in ten years. I will have experienced allot, some good, bad and heart breaking. My techniques will have morphed into different looking things. My experiences, however, will have an effect on my work and I hope for the best.

Best exhibition ever participated in…?

I loved my experience at the Tokyo International Art Fair.

Techniques I use to create my artworks are…?

There are several layers to my work. Sometimes I paint over a piece and just start over. I never plan what a piece of work will look like.   It’s there inside me and my hands are simply the messenger.

What makes your art different than others…?

A large portion of my art is documented with photography and video. It is not something that is important now but later when someone looks back at my life’s work it is a piece of a puzzle that will make it complete. My work is from inside and not influenced by what other consider acceptable.


Twitter: @liveartlondon


Instagram: liveartlondon


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