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Michael Pantuso at The Oxford International Art Fair

Michael Pantuso (1963, Hinsdale, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago)
Design has always played a key role for me throughout my career as a graphic designer and significantly influences the creation and development of my work as a fine artist. For me, design brings a certain discipline to the creative process that allows me to fully embrace a process of analysis, dissection, experimentation, and inventiveness. Then, through artistry, color, imagination and craftsmanship, I am able to take ideas and amplify them to their fullest expression. My most recent work involves a series which I have titled, “Mechanical Integrations.” The idea for the series begins with a simple living element from nature such as a Bee or Mosquito or a Dragonfly. Then, through the design process, these objects are expressed by amplifying all of it’s many details, inner-workings, shapes, colors and textures. Nature is the starting point and architect. My work is simply an expansion builds on the artwork which nature has already created.


What drives you…? 

I’m driven by an intense inner desire to connect, share and express my creativity to as many people that might be interested in being part of my world. The exploration, experimentation, and amplified expressions of ideas are what motivates and inspires me the most. I love to create, engage in the creative process and produce work.


Where do you get your inspiration?

My mind is always open which allows ideas to come from everywhere. I don’t do a lot of searching. I do some. But mostly ideas come to me as a result of being open minded and receptive to the world around me.



Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

In addition to the Oxford International Art Fair I will be exhibiting in Art New York during Frieze week during the first week of May 2016.


Which are your favorite artists…?

Takashi Murakami. GL Brierley. Djordje Ozbolt. Jayanta Roy, Marc Freeman. Robert Fry. Kate Turning. Chuck Close. Jackson Pollock. Pablo Picasso



Most looking forward to this exhibition you are participating in…?

I’m looking forward to this current exhibition at the Oxford International Art Fair. This will be my first GAA (Global Art Agency) event in which I will attend personally. If attending, people should feel free to reach out to me directly via email ( if they would like to discuss my artwork.


Techniques I use to create my artworks are…?

My work is digitally conceived and executed. I work on a Mac platform and utilize Adobe Cloud Software (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop). Final pieces are produced onto a fine art print which is then mounted inside a UV protected archival museum box.


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