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Cheng YuHsuan at The Oxford International Art Fair

Cheng YuHsuan (Born: Taipei, Taiwan / Live: Taipei, Taiwan)

Since I was little, I loved drawing more than anything else. I don’t say that I’m a perfectionist but I like to set myself a high target, that always inspires me go forward and beyond my achievements. In fact I don’t like contemporary art, culture inheritance is very important but the modern art circle today seems abandoned, classical fine art almost completely, if there’s no talent now there won’t be any in the future, we will lose all we used to have, including the soul and sense. I think good art will tell its own story, just like the classical masterpieces. I’m teaching these to students in my atelier, and putting the soul and mind into my paintings, I believe this will tell people a story.



What is your definition of art…?

Art must be exquisite, meaningful and beautiful. The meanings of an artwork shall be based on who is looking at, different people maybe have different feelings from the same artwork. That’s the telling of the art to the viewers. If art isn’t exquisite and beautiful, everything is art so art is nothing. To create exquisite things needs high level skills, nothing about the random chance or what artist can’t control well. That also means lucky product isn’t art.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I usually get inspiration from the predicament of current art circles. After the boom of contemporary art, the public know art as things that nobody understands and the rich men’s toy. I think contemporary art is just as people think but the rest is not, so every time I saw the rich men’s toy, or an exhibition, I felt the predicament of the art circle. I decided to let my art tell a story to the public, inherit the good of classical art with modern expression against to the predicament.


Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

Yes. Since I decided to be an artist few years ago, I kept my own way right. For now I keep going, furthermore I’m making enemies, especially against nonsense mainstream contemporary products. I’m also starting several projects about figures and traditional cultures, I’m looking forward to showing this in the near future.


Which are your favourite artists…?

Ivan Aivazovsky and Ilya Repin. They inherited the greatest technic of expression from the past hundreds years, especially Ivan Aivazovsky, his arts are full of soul, the power and the spirit of the sea. Ilya Repin’s rough sketches are even more exquisite than today’s modern art. But in the past hundred years, the art circle downed very quickly, today we can hardly see any Artist do better than Ilya Repin’s rough sketche, no more soulful works like Ivan Aivazovsky’s.


What is so interesting about the current art market…?

I think it’s interesting that I see many Artists that don’t know what they’re doing and many buyers who are also unaware of what they’re buying, but simply bought because of the art managers or critics opinions. People naively buy things, not knowing where to make the purchase or where to put it, but they believe that can make an investment from it in the future. It’s so interesting that art has become a tool only for making money. Art shouldn’t be just the futures merchandise or political tool. Art is an expression media, it has more value and meaning to human beings and culture. Artists need to deal their artworks to earn their daily life, yet the value and meanings shall not be abandoned. The current art market is too simple, fully filled with contemporary art, it’s time to make it change.




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