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Franco Kwacha Mbilizi at The Tokyo International Art Fair 2016

Franco Kwacha Mbilizi (Born: Malawi, Africa / Live: Chicago, IL)


Franco has been expressing himself through painting for a short time, but he has demonstrated his unique vision for the greater part of his life.  He started drawing and painting at a young age with his Late grandfather in MALAWI AFRICA.
It was during a time he was dealing with depression that he found his voice through painting.  The positive response to his work in this medium fed his desire to find and explore his EMOTIONAL TRUTH. He started studying color, and form via various philosophies of artist expression.  The result is his unique blend of surrealistic, abstract art which captures the imagination, and frees the mind.
Artist Statement:
This exhibition explores the driving power that motivates my search for EMOTIONAL TRUTH. My creative philosophies are united by eternal values and revival of spirituality, and serve as an impetus to reconnect with a mode of life most of us have only ever heard about. I believe that color and geometry can greatly affect how we perceive this meaning.  Inside each and every one of us lies primitive memories that are genetic. When we look at these symbols, I believe they can connect with that primitive part of us. I believe this search for Truth can allow us to glimpse the deepest levels of our belief systems and – a brief glimpse of Our Creator.
Through color and form, I create resonances and contrasts that impact the viewer’s emotional being. I also use geometric  ,quantum, molecular, scientific and ancient symbols to create meaning for the viewer. The viewer is left free to think about existence by reacting to the balance of colour and form.
Ultimately, I hope to reveal This Truth by using geometry, science, color  and emotion.
I have put my soul into this collection. It is EVERTHING to me. I hope it moves the viewer the way it moves me. I call this collection “WHEN ADAM MET ATOM”
Q & A
1. How would you describe yourself & your artwork?
It’s difficult to define my style of art. I call myself a creator I make art. The artwork has a little bit of everything in it. I use science, mathematics symbols to create meaning in my work.
2. What drives you?
Our universal search for TRUTH. My emotional Truth and what it means to me.
3. Where do you get inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from multiple sources. I love science, mathematics and ancient tribal symbolism. My work is loaded with symbols because I believe that inside each and everyone of us lies primitive memories that are genetic. And when you look at these symbols and the way I use them in my paintings I believe they connect us to that primal part of us that we are not aware yet.
4. Can you tell us what you have going on right now?
I just finished showing in Chelsea Newyork at the Ansterdam Whitney international fine art gallery for 5 months to rave reviews. My paintings are featured in the May, June and July 2016 issue of British GQ magazine.
5. My happy place is ?
My studio is my happy place. I love creating in my studio that I can be gone for 2 days without even realizing it.
Instagram: thecreatorfranco
Facebook: Franco Artist

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