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Jay Celat at The Tokyo International Art Fair

Jay Celat


Passionate entrepreneur with a creative flair and a developed business acumen
acquired through a plethora of global experience while living and traveling abroad.
Extensive experience in: international branding, licensing, distribution, team
management, event planning, social media, marketing, product development, sales
A/R and P/R media.
Owner/Founder/CEO of 9thWaveGallery/ 9thWavePBL/
9thWaveGalleryCafeHawaii/ AscientoUnderground/
Located in Maui, Hawaii and Shonan, Japan
Q & A

What drives you..? 

The thing that drives me most is my daughter Minami. She recently turned 4 and although it has been the most challenging 4 years of my life it has been the most rewarding.

I have definitely come out of situations that were not stacked in my favor along with an uncanny ability to turn

disasters into success, but when i really hit the wall it`s my daughter that makes me dig the deepest. When I look into the eyes of my daughter and see all that hope , all the love, and

all the potential of who she is and can be…the is no quit …there is no giving up. There is only what`s next on a long long checklist of things that never get finished once you have kids.

She is my inspiration and my drive more than anything or anyone.


Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?


Right now we are releasing two new films titled “Sleeping” and “what is 9thWaveGallery”.

These were shot last year during the 1st TIAF2015 and took the last year to finish.

I had 9 artists being shown with 7 artists present at the event. We shot the 2 films while running all over Japan and Hawaii to get what we were trying to capture.

Both films were directed by Ireland`s own James Skerritt (now relocated to London). The first piece titled “Sleeping” was a project brought in by Eoin O Connor (ArtByEOin) and It is simply Visual poetry.

The 2 minute feature probably should have been called “Not Sleeping “ since on a 30 day window to shoot we were up all night at least 20 nights of that.

Sleeping in caves, on rocks, in cars, love hotels , you name it all for the love of #process.

It really is a film about process.

The second film is “What is 9thWaveGallery”.


I had been asked this question so many times in the last few years that I got tired of trying to answer it. Especially since we are not exactly your typical gallery or even business model for that matter , I threw it out there as a joke and It ended up nearly being the death of me !!! James really drove this question home. He dug so deep that he ended up in Hawaii for our 11/11 Festival last November for another month while we begged the question. It became more of an opportunity to show what we do instead of actually answering the original question. I`d rather come from a place of…”doing “than “saying”…SO I think this piece really captures what we do or have done through the artists of 9thWave. To me that was much more interesting because its really a story about them while making you think its about me. The artists are definitely much more interesting a story. The 9thWave film features over 30 artists from all over the world along with a cast of truly amazing people. Both films feature the sounds of Paddy Mulcahy. Who for the record is brilliant. Along with Ben Wei, Blixa Bargeld, Nine Inch Nails and my old band Asciento. We really were blessed to have the talent involved in this project that we did and I just want to Thank everyone involved..since I don’t know if I did that yet. lol

Besides that we just opened #9th Wave Gallery Cafe Hawaii on Maui. Which is pretty exciting for me and the Ohana. We are growing the cafe menu Organically on the 22 acre property we call home. Since I am often asked “ Where are you walls “ I can now answer… right here…So make sure you come and visit us in Kula Hawaii.

But the thing that I`m really excited to be a part of. I can`t talk about yet but I will say its a huge opportunity to work with the best of the best on a global platform. From Designers and Innovators to Manufacturing and Brands. I`ll leave you only with this #HIVE

Stay Tooned


Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is…?


That is actually a very funny question…short answer   I have already died…

In Mexico at Chichen Itza 10 years ago.

I had a limestone ledge go out on me and I feel about 90-100 feet into the Senote there. The same one that over a million people had been sacrificed in.

So after an agonizing extraction and getting me to a hospital in Vallodolid, the doctors there determined

that since I had fallen into the Holy Death Senote they didn’t want to touch me. I was given a massive amount of Ketamine ( No pain meds on hand)

and I was told I would probably die there. Which for the record is not what you want to hear once the Ketamine experience starts kicking in.

There was no A/B Blood on hand , I was bleeding pretty good internally.I had shattered my femur , my hip, broken bones ,etc and things were completely getting worse by the minute

as they couldn’t stabilize me.

I woke up to a team of surgeons/missionaries who go once a year to Mexico and pay out of pocket to spend a week

helping people who couldn’t get medical treatment any other way. The waiting list is long and it was not a pretty picture. Dirt floors, chickens running around ,you know …Mexico.

So they asked the inevitable question… “Do you believe Jesus Christ is your lord and savior”, To which I kind of gurgled out…”We don`t talk much these days “ and explained I was buddhist.

They told me they lost me on the table and they just happened to show up at the right moment and save my life. The next question was even more relevant…Do you have any money ???

I`ll spare you the rest but after many surgeries and complications later I was Bionic. Titanium, rods, pins the whole works.

Then relearned walking and finally getting back to my life that seemed pretty far away at that point. This was the moment I truly found self and learned what I was here for…

that is to share with the world one deep truth that I had learned the hard way.

“Do Not Get Surgery in Mexico “ even if your life depends on it !!!

Seriously…until my daughter was born I still had not grasped the lesson of what I was here to do.

The thing I would do before I die (again) is to make every effort to reach my full potential as a human being in this life at this moment in time. To be more patient…with myself and others.

To learn how to Love and be Loved

That is truly a gift I feel thankful for and something I strive to reach every day.


What is so interesting about the current art market…?




Well I can say that the art market itself is always interesting. There was a time not that long ago where money was burned to stay warm and art was traded for lives. To me this is something that is so poignant

and forgotten that its the heart of why I do this. Art can be so many different things to so many people.

At it`s core Art is much more than just an expression of self , but an actual way of survival. A way to cope with a world clearly in chaos and trying

to find itself , understand itself , and return to balance. Just like people do each and every day.

People drawing on cave walls to teach each other or pass on messages were a daily part of surviving.

Sharing experiences through drawings and symbols to explain ones own truths and becoming a shared truth is powerful.

Art allows that dialogue with the sacred and the mundane. To me that is something that has to be experienced not discussed.

As such its felt and its moving…its growing and changing as we grow as a species while still trying to explain the most simple truths …who are we…why are we here ???

Our filters for perceiving this little thing called life are truly limited by design however with self awareness we can acquire new tools, senses ,and perspectives

that are essential to our going even further down the rabbit hole.

So that ongoing dialogue is essential to becoming not only self aware, but self realized.

The art markets are much the same. Over the years they have defined what was not definable at first. Giving the collective a language and a shared perspective or “truth”

to experience these creative phenomenon. It was`t until someone explained that Jackson Pollack worked in perfect fractals without knowing it and then arranged the buying of that piece of art for an incredible amount of cash did anyone find value in it or think of him as anything more than a guy who enjoyed a drink.



art markets. So Van Gogh needed a better agent to make the deal.

The art markets are crucial for not only the artist but for people who look at the art, buy the art, and who are trying to master

“the Art of Life “ . They may not have had the creative experience other than experiencing someones creations but this also can act as a catalyst to finding ones inner creations.

A way to embrace life and create the life you want to live instead of living in fear.

I get to travel around and see what artists are up to all over the world. Sometimes I see a trend or pattern that is not communicated or planned but is happening in a few different places at the same time.

It happens naturally. So when I see the markets change based on the art and or the artists it becomes very exciting again.. Like Nirvana putting out “Nevermind” …it changed the world.

Sadly though much of the time it`s the other way around.

The market itself will determine the art created instead of the artist based on the same principle…survival.

99So it`s funny to see over time that now the biggest influence on many artists is the market itself not their own voice. Hawaii has that trap built in.

To think that there actually exists contracts and agreements containing clauses about not painting a whale or a dolphin if you are at certain Gallery is the most insecure thing I have ever heard.

I mean seriously, that is so far away from freedom and creation that I could never understand it. So we rallied against it.

The DIY movement of the Pan Pacific Art movement. I saw too many really talented people trapped by what they “have” to create because that`s what the market demands. So these two parts are

constantly trying to find balance but are still two sides of the same coin.


What is your biggest dream…?


To change the way people perceive art. This year we will launch a “5 Sense Experience” performance art/event. I think you should be able to see , touch, smell, taste and hear the art.

I believe many people look at a frame on the wall and think “that is what Art is ”. What it is supposed to be. They don’t question it…

I think it hasn’t even been explored yet. Especially with the introduction to AR/VR , New Technologies, and people finding new ways every day to express themselves.

9thWaveGallery started as a consciousness movement and I believe our consciousness as human beings is expanding into new places with every single breath.

I look forward to sharing that experience with as many people as I can and helping them remember along with myself why we started to draw on cave walls right up to creating AI intelligence…

We are still looking for ways to pass something on and share it with others. This communication with images, sounds, tools, and materials touches that part of people that is divine, even godlike.

To create realities that others can participate in simultaneously and create a better reality for them to experience is one of the highest levels of art. “The Art of Life.” This is worth striving for.

The ability to create something out of nothing. To me, that is magic…A dream worth sharing …



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