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Lydia Moawad at The Tokyo International Art Fair

Lydia Moawad (Born: Byblos / Lives: Lebanon)


Lydia Moawad is considered as one of the most contemporary Lebanese renowned Artist painters. She has exhibited widely in Tokyo, Berlin, Austria ,Rotterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Kowait ,Dubai ,Qatar , Amman, and Museum of Agadir. Her paintings were auctioned and sold in the ” Modern Art Show Arabian Wings 4″ September 2014 in Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah ) among the paintings of Picasso, Vangogh, Fateh El Mudaress, and many others. Lydia Moawad has been decorated with several Medals and Certifications for her work in Lebanon and abroad. She is Vice president of LebaneseAssociation of Artists painters and sculptors, she is also a Member of the International Association of Art UNESCO Paris.

1MG Universality


1-How would you describe yourself? And your Artwork?

I believe that my Artwork and I are One. There is a fusion between my soul, my feelings and the colors and forms on my canvas. I dive whenever I’m painting, into this beautiful perfect world, a parallel Universe where colors and emotions are Absolute and Free.

2-What is your definition of Art?

Art is the world seen in its true Dimension. A Dimension without Gravity, where there is no limits, no  rules nor conventions, not even ethics. It’s a world of pure sensations free in expression.

3-Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everything surrounding me, my everyday life experience, people that I meet from different countries, Monuments that I visit, philosophical Books that I read… All this becomes feelings and emotions that vibrate in high speed to transform all the Chaos in my surroundings into Purity on my Canvas.

1.8MB point of view

4-How do you deal with artist’s block?

I feel that I have too much to give, and my mind is always full with new ideas waiting to turn into form. My colors are just a way of expression. I never really calculate or think what I’m doing because I feel a certain Trans between my body and soul. I don’t question my painting as good or bad.”It just is”, and what it is, is meant to be. I don’t search for others approval on what I paint, and I always challenge myself to find new ways of expression. For me Art is a game of Passion, and when I have a block, it is part of the game, I have only to step over it and continue my journey.


5-Can you tell us what your ” Before I die” is?

I never think of death. For me dying is part of the procedure of life. We will all die one day. I live the present moment to its maximum, knowing that I can’t change the past, and, the future is an Enigma. I focus on trying to be a better person , I keep on learning and try to help others  as much as I can. My “before I die ” would be to make sure that every child in this world is happy , warm and loved.

I wish to put an end to War, starvation, Agony and Suffering, and replace it with Love, Hope and Worldwide Peace.


Facebook: Lydia Moawad

Lydia 04                   mixed media on convas    (90x200cm)

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