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Stieger-Art at The Rotterdam International Art Fair 2016

Stieger-Art (Born: Roland)



Roland Stieger, age 49, lives and works in the idyllic countryside of the Kanton of Thurgau (Switzerland). In his studio he creates paintings of deep and inner harmony. While processing his abstract oil & acrylic paintings, he embarks on a journey into his inner-self. He uses a variety of mix media. Whatever moves him, he implements it into his artistic work. Colorful and rich paintings unfold out of it. Even just the color compositions can be the start into an imaginary “travel”.

Stieger’s wish is it to take the viewer with him into this lovely journey. The growing recognition of his art work is increasingly reflecting on the national and international market.




What drives you…? 

Finding freedom of my spirit through art


What is your definition of art…?

Expression of my free spirit and my thoughts




Where do you get your inspiration?

From my soul which is capable of feeling the beauty of this world



Where do you see your art going in ten years…?

I wish to be present in all art galleries all over the world


Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

Experimentation of colours


I know my artwork is finished when…?

When it’s sold




Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?

Elvis Presley visited me two years ago and instructed me when my alarm clock rang and brought me back to reality.


Which are your favorite artists…?

Gerhard Richter, John Miro, Pablo Picasso, John Lennon



Greatest achievements so far…?

First rank in Modern art Zurich


Would love to exhibit my work in …?



Most looking forward to this exhibition you are participating in…?



What is your biggest dream…?

Being a professional artist


I last laughed out loud… because…?

I sold an artwork to a better price than expected


My happy place is…?

In free nature



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