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Jessie M. Parker at The Rotterdam International Art Fair 2016

Jessie M. Parker (Born: 1943 Lives: Ottawa, Canada)


“My photo based digital art images operate on both the physical and metaphorical levels. Since the mid 70’s my photo based art has pushed the envelope technically and visually, often going beyond the “traditional” depiction of subjects. I play with what is real and what seems real but isn’t; the visionary and the transformative re-presenting the world and inviting us to see otherwise”.

Jessie portrait flat

How would you describe yourself… And your artworks…?

Art-wise I have always been something of a rebel: pushing the biscuit, challenging the conventions and norms. While my art training (B.F.A in painting under Alex Colville) was somewhat conventional, my art since then has been anything but. I create art whether it makes financial sense, or whether the general public appreciates it or not.

My art is currently entirely digital (I left conventional film behind back in the 90’s) and it gets more explorative and inventive as time goes by. I now work with images that the camera can see but the eye cannot, then transform them further by digital means. I love the irony of that.

Heavenly Light IX

What drives you?

For me, creating art is an “addiction” of sorts, something I am driven to do. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to be “normal” from time to time, but now know that I am in for the long haul, as long as the brain and body cooperate. I continue to discover new imagery and techniques (now all photo-based digital art), and am convinced that in my medium there is literally no limit to what one can do. In fact I have no idea where the journey will lead me , what my images will look like in the years ahead . And that is the attraction: unending growth, something new to learn every day, and surprises along the way.


Transformed X

Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

Recently I have been exploring photography of pure light, combined with digital transformation. The results are what I term as “lightscapes”. That is, cityscapes composed with light, and interpretations of pyrotechnics, often using controlled movement of the camera, wherein the camera “sees” what the eye cannot and further interpreted digitally to celebrate light ,space and time.

Heavenly Light X

Most looking forward to this exhibition you are participating in…?

To introduce myself to adventuresome art lovers in Europe, USA, Canada and elsewhere in hopes that that opens doors to me as an artist.


What is your favorite pastime apart from painting or creating art…?

In addition to being an artist, I am also a writer. I am currently concentrating on writing books about financial matters for artists. So far I have published 6 eBooks and 3 paperbacks for artists: The latest paperbacks are “Money Smarts for Visual Artists: Accounting Secrets, Surprises and Essentials” and “Tax Smarts for Artists” which expands the same material to include writers, musicians, and performers. Both include info not learned in art school but essential for artists for their business, including critical stuff about estate planning. (I also have a background in education, accounting and Financial Planning which comes in handy here.) The books are available through Amazon at . I also enjoy travel writing, which combines nicely with my photography, which in turn often leads on to my current digital art.

Illumination IV

Twitter: @canuckphotog





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