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Sarah Fujiwara at The Rotterdam International Art Fair 2016

Sarah Fujiwara (Born & Lives : Japan)

Sarah Fujiwara photographs plants, such as the lotus or the rose, and then applies a variety of techniques to put the finishing touches to the piece. In recent years she has also diversified the way she exhibits her work, creating installations with a consciousness of light; and her new works, transcending mere photography, are attracting the support of collectors in Paris, New York and elsewhere.


What is your definition of art…?

The expression of a new view of the world, unfettered by preconceived ideas   or modalities.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From the meeting and mingling of images and sounds picked out in an instant from my present experiences and past memories.


Where do you see your art going in ten years…?

I hope I will be producing works that go beyond my own current perception and imagination.


Techniques I use to create my artworks are…?

In addition to the fusion of film photography with digital photography and the use of traditional techniques of calligraphy and Japanese-style painting, in recent years I have been making full use of all kinds of modern media to step beyond the two-dimensional in the creation of my works.


What makes your art different than others…?

Thanks to the influence of my grandfather, who was a collector of Japanese art, from my earliest days I was conversant with the Japanese art of the Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo periods; growing up surrounded by artists who were active in a variety of fields, from handicrafts to contemporary art, I naturally picked up their techniques and knowledge. My art is contemporary art that combines those techniques with modern media.



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