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Anahí Clemens at the Barcelona International Art Fair 2016

Anahí Clemens (Born: Mexico / Lives: The Netherlands)

anahiIntroducing Anahí Clemens, a young fine art photographer. Her infinite curiosity is the main ingredient to discovering the secrets of the world in shapes and colours. Growing up as a Mexican girl in the Netherlands, Anahí’s works illustrate her life experiences of being between two worlds, two nationalities, and two realities. She features these moments in her artwork, driven by her fascination in reflections, layers, and perspectives within the same image-reality. In between her content and at the same time curious personality, Anahí shares her thoughts with GAA, before showcasing her unique works at the Barcelona International Art Fair 2016.

What is your drive?
Anahí Clemens: Curiosity of perspectives, to experience different angles of life.

What is your definition of art?
AC: Total freedom as a very own perspective of something so complex.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
AC: From all the things that compose the outside world and the things that happen when I close my eyes and imagine possible worlds.


Duality in Tokyo, photograph by Anahi Clemens

Where do you see your art going in ten years?
AC: Intriguing more and more people to look within themselves. By looking at my work, I hope they discover something of themselves.


Urban Woman, photograph by Anahi Clemens

How do you deal with artist’s block?
AC: I allow myself to feel lost and walk without a direction without looking really for anything but always something happens that inspires me again.

When do you know that an artwork is finished ?
AC: When I freeze for a few seconds staring at it and my heart beats loud and in slow motion.


Nature as Artist, photograph by Anahi Clemens

Can you tell us what your ‘Before I Die’ is?
AC: I can die right now. I have had many ‘Before I Die’s’ but I can only feel thankful right now. Not that I don’t want to do anything. I wanna do many things, everything even. I wanna see all the angles but I’ll let life surprise me.


Green Steps, photograph by Anahi Clemens 

Who are your favorite artists?
AC: Remedios Varo. I always love the mix of art and science. There is so much art in science and she paints metaphors of possible worlds where the basic laws such as gravity are not applicable.


Havana Streets II, photograph by Anahi Clemens

Which is your best commissioned artwork ever done ?
AC: For ADHD, a colorful local brand in The Netherlands. The name stands for a mental condition and each hat has the name of an emotion. I loved the people and colors involved in this project. The location was amazing, full of dancing photons in the background.

Which is the best exhibition you ever participated in ?
AC: Internationametaphors Barcelona.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements so far ?
AC: Vogue Italy collection.


Streets of Havana I, photograph by Anahi Clemens

Where would you like to exhibit your works ?
AC: In every country of the world.

Twitter: anahiclemens


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