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Smart and affordable Art Exhibition opportunity for the busy visual Artist – Digital Art Showcase


Get Maximum Exposure at Minimal Costs!

As an artist life is hectic! Creating art, exhibiting, promoting art, networking, discovering new techniques, selling artworks, delivering artworks, doing courses, buying materials… And with all energy focussed on the most important thing what you love doing ‘creating art’ it can be extremely difficult at times wanting to be at two places at once. Global Art Agency offer a new and exciting way of promoting your artworks to thousands of art loving people. The ‘Digital Art Showcase’ part of the Shanghai International Art Fair 2019 and the Tokyo International Art Fair 2020 is specially organised for the busy artist and those who cannot travel and attend the Art Fair in person.

Exhibit your artworks in the form of dynamic digital video footage showcased on a High-Definition plasma screen, with the footage being developed by GAA, you only have to email high resolution JPG of your artworks – we do the work. Visitors have the opportunity to view your artworks, take your contact details and get in touch with you directly, whilst you are concentrating on getting other things done. A winning opportunity in all perspectives!

What’s included in the Digital Art Showcase:
– Exhibition of 2 or 4 artwork images displayed on High Definition Plasma screen at the International Art Fair
– Intro shot of your Artist name and website
– Credits and Advert in the official Art Fair Catalogue
– Mention of Artist in Exhibitor List on the Art Fair Website
– Mention of Artist on Art Fair Banner
– Possibilities of shipping Business Cards to be displayed at Art Fair for contacts to take
– Shipping of Catalogue to your address at a small extra fee
– Extra Promotions available such as Interview, Press Release Mentions, Social Media promo, etc.

Artwork: Images can be supplied in JPG in 300dpi of size 1920 x 1080

Only a restricted amount of artists are featured on the high-definition screen. Making sure your artwork is on show for approx. half a minute at a time showing each few minutes.

Prices are from $ 375 USD.

Now available at:



Submit the application form online and tick the DAS option.

Submission of your application does not automatically confer the right of admission to take part. Decisions on admission are made exclusively by GAA Selection Committee. Selecting participants in accordance with the criteria of quality and suitability for the art event concept. Please note that the number of participating exhibitors is limited.



About Global Art Agency

GLOBAL ART AGENCY specialises in Artist Promotions & Contemporary Showcase, representing artists and galleries worldwide. Working together with qualified art partners and sponsors around the globe enables us to make unique connections within the art community on an international level. Organiser of art showcases around the globe; Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Singapore and many more…Our Showcases take place at exclusive & spectacular venues attracting thousands of art collectors, art enthusiasts and media.!/GlobalArtAgency

One comment on “Smart and affordable Art Exhibition opportunity for the busy visual Artist – Digital Art Showcase

  1. J. A. Fligel
    August 10, 2019

    Hi there, I am interested in applying for the digital exhibition and would like to include a sculpture once cast into bronze. My question is: when is the latest I can apply for the digital application, as it will take several months before my piece is completed in bronze to be photographed.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    All the best,

    J. A. Fligel

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